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OU's staff unity huge on recruiting trail for SoonerSquad17

OU coaches worked together to build SoonerSquad17, and it showed.

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops has never been a fan of saying lead recruiter for any one prospect. He truly believes it takes a team to build all those relationships and to close strong.

It never really felt like reality until the 2017 class. When you look at SoonerSquad17, yea, you might be able to say one staff member did more work for a certain kid, but you couldn’t say other staff members were non-existent.

It crossed boundaries, too. You saw Dennis Simmons with defensive recruits. You saw Kerry Cooks with offensive recruits. If recruiting has to be a team thing in order to be successful, the Sooners hit the right notes for the 2017 class.

On coaching continuity:

“It makes a big difference there’s no doubt, having everybody intact after your bowl game and keeping that together, not having to change hands or switch in the middle of it. It definitely gives you a boost.” – head coach Bob Stoops

On group recruiting:

“If a guy’s in an area and he happens to be available that night to jump in on a visit, c’mon. Our guys are great about it. Dennis (Simmons) is great about being a team guy. If you need another person there that can help a little bit, he’s in. But he’s not the only one. All our guys are that way, are very unselfish who gets the credit.

“The credit goes to everybody getting them all. This year maybe more than any other year, we all did that, where multiple guys are tagging guys, whether it be texting, whether it be phones or official visits or in-home visits, whatever it might be.” – head coach Bob Stoops

On group recruiting, Pt. II:

“It was a really good group effort. There’s no question about it. There’s been times when maybe I wasn’t even comfortable with other people on the staff seeing my recruits or the guys I was responsible for. That’s not the case here. I think it’s great.

“Just the continuity has been so important from being able to identify these guys to getting a jump on them. A lot of these guys who we signed today or that are already here, we’ve been recruiting these guys since the week that I walked into the door. It’s been a two year-plus process. It takes that.

“The continuity is so, so key. And then this staff enjoys it. We’ve pushed some of the limits and we’ve expanded on some things that maybe were done here previously. We’ve pushed some of the boundaries and done some different things in recruiting that I think were great for the kids.

“What everybody has done in getting this facility built and the stadium renovated, there’s just a great momentum and a great trajectory right now and the staff has certainly been a big part of it but we’ve had a lot of outside help too.” – offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley

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