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OU searching for that next under-the-radar gem

Intel returns saying where will OU find that next 3-star gem?

As much as you want every recruit signed to be a four-star or five-star prospect, that’s simply not realistic. Even Ohio State took two three-star prospects for this last class.

What you count on after that is finding those diamonds in the rough. OU’s SoonerSquad17 finished with 19 four-star prospects and eight three-star recruits.

That’s not bad and by far the most OU has had since the 2010 class.

As for the eight, well, OU has done a great job during Bob Stoops’ tenure of taking a three-star player and getting him to play at a four-star level.

Perhaps Stoops will find the next one here.

Finding diamonds in the rough?

“We watch so many highlights or tapes of young guys playing teams and games that regardless of what people think, if it’s sent into us, we’re watching it. We’re evaluating it. It might not take long to think he’s gonna have a hard time at this level. Or wow, he looks pretty good. We’re gonna have four guys watching him. If they’re undecided on it, then I wanna watch him.

“You’re constantly evaluating players to see what’s his real size? Has anybody seen him in person? They say he’s 6-3. I walked up next to him and I was eye-to-eye with him. He’s not 6-3. He’s 6-foot. Those things, you do your best. There’s a lot of evaluating. There’s a lot of going by and seeing a guy.  Let’s make sure when you’re in this area stop by and see him. Make sure we know is he as big as they say or as small as they say. There are a lot of gems out there.

“I think back to our first year here, we got hired and had just the second half of the recruiting deal to go. We find Josh Heupel out there, who was a runner up to the Heisman Trophy and a national championship-winning quarterback. Quentin Griffin was third-team running back at his high school. He ended up pretty good.

“Derrick Strait – we beat one team to get him. Found him late. I was with Bobby Jack at a basketball practice, I watched Derrick Strait for five minutes at basketball and said I don’t need to see anymore. He was quicker than lightning, dunking the ball, that guy can play corner. Anyway, those are some examples of you’re constantly searching and looking.” – head coach Bob Stoops

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