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OU's recruiting foundation? Always OKPreps

When OU has done well in recruiting, there are usually quality OKPreps name peppered throughout that class.

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Right or wrong, Oklahoma fans seem to like classes more when there is a nice representation from Oklahoma high school football.

Maybe it’s because a lot of fans are familiar with the prospects or maybe they feel homegrown talent seem to want it more, it’s usually a good thing when OU dominates the state.

There were five Scout 300 prospects in the state for 2017. All five signed with the Sooners. That is the definition of being dominant.

OU has to look elsewhere to fill out the majority of its class, but the Sooners claim a great foundation for SoonerSquad17 right in their own borders.

Levi Draper, Justin Broiles, Creed Humphrey, Tre Brown, Isaiah Thomas and Tyreece Lott give OU fans reasons to be pumped going forward.

On OKPreps influence on SoonerSquad17:

“I think always the challenge here is our population numbers in the state of Oklahoma. They aren’t what they are whether they be in Texas or some other surrounding areas. That limits us to some degree. But I’ve always said since I got here in ’99, though our numbers might not be high because of population, the players in Oklahoma can play anywhere in the country.

“The ability of so many of them we’ve signed over the years, not just the Heisman Trophy winners but the national award winners like Teddy Lehman, Jammal Brown, Gerald McCoy on and on and on where we’ve had some great players we recruited from the state of Oklahoma. We’ve been fortunate to get a great number of them. We’re excited about these six guys as well.” – head coach Bob Stoops

On Creed Humphrey, Justin Broiles?

“Love them. We love recruiting players in the state of Oklahoma, close by. We’re constantly watching everybody in these areas. Just excited for them. Those guys are really good players. Creed, we feel has played all over the line, but to be a big center, we feel we can be bigger in that position and he gives you that. Really plays in a tough way. Has great size and strength already.

“Justin is a guy who was another leader in this class. Just his positive attitude and everything the energy he brings just in his direct messages yet alone what he brings in person, you guys are going to love him. He has a big personality. A great player, too. Very competitive on the field, too.” – head coach Bob Stoops

On Tyreece Lott, Isaiah Thomas:

“I think his upside and I think Isaiah Thomas probably has as big an upside of any player we’ve ever recruited. I think him and Tyreece Lott are in the same situation.” – defensive coordinator Mike Stoops

On Tre Brown:

“Tre’s an outstanding football player, he’s got electrifying speed, something we haven’t had in the secondary that we desperately need.” – defensive coordinator Mike Stoops

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