OU 17-for-2017: Will Steven Parker, Jordan Thomas be foundation of secondary?

OU 17-for-2017 continues asking about the leadership skills of Steven Parker and Jordan Thomas in the secondary.

It’s about that time again. Expectations are high. Questions abound. Yep, it’s time for Oklahoma spring football.

The Sooners, coming off an 11-2 season where they won the Big 12 championship and the Sugar Bowl, will no doubt be expected to be in the national championship and playoff hunt once again.

The calendar turns to March. The page officially turns to 2017, and although things look rosy for OU, there are still plenty of unanswered questions going forward.

What are those? That’s where Sooners Illustrated comes in. We’ll take a look at one pressing question each day leading up to OU starting spring practice March 21. The spring game is April 8.

Sooners Illustrated’s 17 questions for spring 2017

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Will Jordan Thomas, Steven Parker be the foundation of secondary?

There’s no question the two will be in the position of leadership. The question is going to be whether they fully accept that and act like it every way imaginable.

You look at Jordan Thomas, and his record hasn’t been squeaky clean. That’s been a head-scratcher because there’s no doubt of the intelligence of Thomas, on the field and in the classroom. But he’s made some questionable decisions off the field multiple times.

That can’t happen anymore. That light bulb has to come on once and for all where he leaves all that petty, childish stuff in the past.

Parker’s issue hasn’t been about attitude or character. No, for Parker, it’s going to be about delivering on the field. He gets a lot of chances to make some major plays and didn’t come down with as many as you might have thought in 2016.

His versatility has been a strong asset for the Sooners during his stay in Norman, but this is the year where he needs to cement himself as one of the best defensive backs in the conference.

They’ve never had to carry the load. It was Zack Sanchez doing the lifting when they were sophomores. Ahmad Thomas took over that spot when they were juniors. Now as seniors, they’re going to set the tone. They’re going to set the example.

Seems like a safe bet both will rise to the occasion based on their character and based on their skill, but they’re going to have to prove it every single step of the way.

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