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OU 17-for-2017: Redshirt star?

OU's 17-for-2017 rolls on questioning if there will be a breakout redshirt freshman this season?

It’s about that time again. Expectations are high. Questions abound. Yep, it’s time for Oklahoma spring football.

The Sooners, coming off an 11-2 season where they won the Big 12 championship and the Sugar Bowl, will no doubt be expected to be in the national championship and playoff hunt once again.

The calendar turns to March. The page officially turns to 2017, and although things look rosy for OU, there are still plenty of unanswered questions going forward.

What are those? That’s where Sooners Illustrated comes in. We’ll take a look at one pressing question each day leading up to OU starting spring practice March 21. The spring game is April 8.

Sooners Illustrated’s 17 questions for spring 2017

Bob Przybylo/Scout

Which redshirt freshman takes spotlight?

There is going to a lot of attention placed on the mid-year enrollees of the 2017 class since there was a whopping 11 of them this time around.

But don’t forget those redshirt freshmen looking to break through. OU hasn’t gone to that well too much here lately but notable names like Mark Andrews, Orlando Brown and Neville Gallimore were indeed redshirted.

So when you look at the redshirt guys from 2016, who is going to become the name to know? There’s only four choices in offensive tackle Erik Swenson, center Logan Roberson, wide receiver Zach Farrar and inside linebacker Jon-Michael Terry.

That feels crazy to say that from the 2016 class, only four of them didn’t play. Some didn’t qualify, some have already transferred, but it’s just a simple four that didn’t get the chance.

Examining that list, and Terry is the easy answer and maybe the only answer. Swenson is getting ready to take Orlando Brown’s spot. Roberson will be fighting with Creed Humphrey to replace Erick Wren in 2018.

Farrar will be in a dogfight to earn time at a receiver spot full of potential but not too much production. And then there’s Terry.

Head coach Bob Stoops was incredibly high on Terry at signing day last year, and he has put on some weight since that time. With Jordan Evans gone, it’s time to pass the OKPreps inside linebacker torch onto the next one.

From Evans-to-Terry is how it’s going to go. At least he’s going to get the opportunity to make it happen. Levi Draper is coming. Ricky DeBerry is making the move so Terry knows it has to be now.

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