OU stock report: Post-NFL Combine/OU Pro Day

A look at OU's NFL Draft prospects following the NFL Combine and OU Pro Day.

The NFL Combine is in the books. Oklahoma’s pro day is a thing of the past. So after the two marquee events before the NFL Draft, where do the former Sooners stand?

Some good. Some bad and one major surprise outing most likely gives OU five players being selected next month.

Bob Przybylo/Scout

Running back Samaje Perine

Perine did what we thought he would do. He killed it in the bench press with 30 reps as only four offensive linemen had more. He showed he doesn’t have blazing speed but isn’t the slowest running back in the world.

Perine ran a 4.66-second 40-yard dash at the Combine compared to a 4.59 last week at OU’s pro day. Seems closer to the Combine numbers than pro day. But nobody is picking Perine based on his speed to begin with.

He is who we all think he is. A perfect complement to a team that has a shifty, more elusive back where Perine can do the dirty work.

Stock: Same.

Round: 3rd or 4th.


Running back Joe Mixon

Mixon’s time to shine was last week at pro day since he wasn’t invited to the NFL Combine. It wasn’t all rosy for Mixon, at least at first. He was nervous and scratching quite a bit before finding his comfort zone and doing what everybody thought he would.

Mixon ran a 4.43 in the 40, according to OU. Add that with a 35-inch vertical leap and 21 reps in the bench press and wowing scouts during the drill portion of the event, and it’s clear it was a successful moment for Mixon.

Where he’s faring better, though, is in the interview process. He seems to be taking all questions about the night he punched a former female OU student in the face in July 2014 as seriously as possible. He’s not deflecting anything. Not making excuses. His answers are probably helping him more than anything he’s doing on the field.

Stock: Up.

Round: 2nd or 3rd.


Wide receiver Dede Westbrook

Not everything is gravy for former OU players, and Westbrook is a prime example of that. Declines the invitation to the Senior Bowl. Declines to participate in any of the events at the NFL Combine.

Does go through the interview process, but in the eyes of most, bombs that part. So pro day was huge for Westbrook to make people remember why he was so high on their draft boards to begin with.

Westbrook ran a 4.38 initially in the 40 before coming back and running a 4.34. That’s the type of speed he had to show, and he did show.

Where Mixon is making a charge based on interviews, Westbrook is falling for the same reason. People are questioning his sincerity in discussing his past issues with the mother of his children and wondering if the whole story will ever come out.

Stock: Down.

Round: 4th-6th.


Defensive tackle Charles Walker

Walker was welcomed back to OU despite the way things ended in Norman. Weighing more than 300 pounds and running a 40 in less than five seconds should absolutely help him in the grand scheme of things.

Getting a clean bill of health regarding concussions should absolutely help him. What will be interesting is where Bob Stoops falls in all this. You know Stoops has been vouching for Mixon time and time again, but what happens if an owner asks Stoops about Walker?

Walker is an athletic freak, and not sure anything that happened in Indianapolis or in Norman has changed anybody’s opinion on that front. Also not sure he did anything to move up boards, either.

Stock: Same.

Round: 4th or 5th.


Linebacker Jordan Evans

Wasn’t even in the discussion two weeks ago, but an all-star pro day means Evans is someone to watch in the next six weeks.

Evans used the fuel of not being invited to the Combine and let it all show in Norman last week. A 38.5-inch vertical leap? Running a 4.5 flat in the 40? Trimmed down and losing a lot of body fat? Evans could not have done things any better.

Add in his outgoing personality and someone whose character has never been questioned, and it’s easy to see why Evans became the darling of the day.

Now he won’t be pick on the first or second day, but Evans has played his way into being drafted sometime during those final rounds, which is more than what we thought two weeks ago.

Stock: Up.

Round: 5th-7th.

The NFL Draft is April 27-29 in Philadelphia.


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