OU pro day could have seen undeclared underclassmen but the rule needs to be tweaked

No undeclared underclassmen were at OU's pro day and Bob Stoops explained why.

It’s a good rule, but it’s going to need some tweaking. This was the first time where a school could have had five underclassmen working out at pro day who didn’t declare for the NFL Draft.

Not surprisingly, nobody from Oklahoma used the opportunity two weeks ago. When explained why by head coach Bob Stoops, it all made perfect sense.

“Right now if we’re there, they have to count it as one of our spring practices,” Stoops said. “So, whose gonna do that? Kyler has worked with our receivers and we were gonna have Kyler (Murray) throw the football to our receivers during pro day. That would have counted as one of practices.”

Clearly no team would agree to that. With spring practices limited as is, nobody would sacrifice a full practice just for five guys to earn an early look by NFL scouts.

The thought behind the rule has true value, but there’s still a lot of work to be done to figure it all out.

They did something to give our guys a better chance at having a better evaluation of our juniors,” Stoops said. “Right now if they’re not measured and tested, they’re just going off what they see on tape and what they guess their size is as opposed to really knowing. As if that doesn’t really matter; it matters in a great way.

“There are parts where they’re trying to do the right thing but they haven’t worked it out yet.”

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