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And in this corner... OU's running back battle wages on

Offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley on week 1 progress report at running back.

No doubt a lot of Oklahoma fans want to know what’s going at running back for the Sooners. No Joe Mixon. No Samaje Perine. No experience, really, of any kind heading into the 2017 season.

Offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley understands the worry, but he’s confident in what’s returning to campus and who has arrived in the last couple of months.

Riley breaks down the four on campus right now.

Bob Przybylo/Scout

Rodney Anderson

“We’ve seen so much of Rodney and know what Rodney is to a point. Now, you need to see it on Saturdays and I realize that. Of all the backs, we have a better idea of where he’s at and what he can do than any of the others. When we get to fall camp, it’ll be a different story. It was the decision that made the most sense right now. I don’t think it will hamper him. He’s dying to get out there and do it. He, like we, understand the big picture right now. I expect him to be a major factor.”

Bob Przybylo/Scout

Abdul Adams

“I feel like Abdul has come a long way. He seems more confident and comfortable. He’s not thinking so much now. And he’s back healthy. He got a little nicked up the second half of last year.”

Bob Przybylo/Scout

Marcelias Sutton

“Sutton has been back a couple days. He’s been aggressive. He’s a little ball of fire, man. He’s a dynamite runner. He just runs angry; that’s the best way I can describe it. He’s fun to watch. He’s gonna be good.”

Bob Przybylo/Scout

Trey Sermon

“Trey’s done well. Trey has to continue to work on his body. It’s different for those freshmen coming in. He reminds me a lot of Joe’s body. When I first got here, Joe was kind of of pudgy and out of shape. You could tell he had kind of been out of it for a while. Trey, this dude is gonna look like a Greek god by the time Schmidty gets a hold of him; he’s just not there yet. It’s gonna take some time. You see the natural ability, you see the feel, you see the aggression, you see the great feet for the size that he has. “ 

The overall competition

“It’s a great competition. I have no clue what’s gonna happen. We’re gonna have some productive guys back there.

“All these guys catch the ball well and that’s a big plus.

“You give them a little progress report. But even then, this is a deal that will go on and on. I would imagine we’ll find different ways to use these guys and probably play a few more guys than we did last year. We’ll see how it develops. We had some good talent in there. There’s going to be great competition. We’re going to let that go on.”

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