Transferring was never an option for OU's Baker Mayfield

If his year of eligibility wasn't brought back, quarterback Baker Mayfield said he NEVER considered transferring from OU.

It’s a hypothetical Oklahoma fans didn’t want to play with, and they’re glad they didn’t have to think about it.

But since quarterback Baker Mayfield did get that year of eligibility back and is going to be a three-year starter for the Sooners, it’s OK to play the “what if” game.

The scenario in this situation is what would have happened had Mayfield not been granted that year back? A year of eligibility but not at OU, would Mayfield have possibly considered transferring to another school?

Not a chance.

“Well, I wouldn’t have had a decision,” Mayfield said. “I would have had to gone preparing for the NFL and it would be a much different situation than I’m in right now. I wouldn’t be here at the school that I love. So it’d be much different, but obviously I’m thankful I got that extra year otherwise I wouldn’t be here.”

Mayfield’s story is well-known by now about starting as a walk-on at Texas Tech before walking on at OU and winning the starting quarterback job.

Despite living in Austin, Texas, Mayfield grew up a huge OU fan. And if he couldn’t have worn the crimson and cream in 2017, there’s no place else he would have rather been.

“No, I wouldn’t have,” said Mayfield about the transfer possibility. “I’d say I would never transfer, but I already did. I couldn’t play anywhere else after playing here. I’ve loved it too much and I’ve enjoyed it too much.”

Mayfield is coming off one of the greatest statistical seasons in college football season, setting the record for pass efficiency in a single season at 196.4, destroying the old record in the process.

Following a loss to Ohio State, the Sooners won their final 10 games and earn another Big 12 championship and a victory in the Sugar Bowl.

You combine the on-field success with the childhood memories of OU games past, and Mayfield knows in his heart he never could have left Norman.

“Growing up and watching Oklahoma football, visiting the games, I’ve enjoyed it a lot,” Mayfield said. “It really changed my mindset from that aspect on the game of football. So I wouldn’t do that.”

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