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Sizing up OU's 11 mid-year additions

An overview of what OU's players and coaches are saying regarding the 11 mid-year additions for the Sooners in the spring.

One of the biggest questions Oklahoma fans wanted to know heading into spring was how are the mid-year enrollees looking.

Valid point since there are a whopping 11 of them on campus. Here is a collection of every assessment made by the players and coaches regarding the mid-year additions.

Bob Przybylo/Scout

Kahlil Haughton on Justin Broiles:

Justin Broiles, he’s really getting out there, getting aggressive, getting in their faces and really just being the type of player you want, kind of like a Deion Sanders –type guy. Parnell Motley, he’s making a ton of plays right now. That’s something we definitely expected big of him. That’s something, it kind of takes a lot of time, but he’s definitely caught on pretty quick.

Jordan Parker on Justin Broiles

Justin Broiles is a very good player. He’s shown a lot. He has very good technique and quickness in his agility is just great. He pushes me to get better every day.

I thought he was a senior the way he acts. He’s just comfortable and that’s a good thing.

Kerry Cooks on Justin Broiles:

You know, Broiles is a very smart kid. He's got really good movement. I just think it's hard to really assess him because freshmen are always out of whack with everything, but he's getting better. He's progressing. Actually, if we had to line up right now, Broiles would probably be the fourth corner so he's played enough and well enough and shown me that he's intelligent enough to at least move ahead and be that fourth corner. Now he's got a long way to go. He's figuring out all his techniques and the speed of the game and the wide receivers and this concept means this versus this coverage, but he's going to be a very good player.

Bob Przybylo/Scout

Mike Stoops on Kenneth Murray and Addison Gumbs:

They’ve been really pretty unique talents. Addison just gets better every time he steps on the field, and Kenneth, they play beyond their years a little bit for kids who should still be in high school. They’ve been really sharp and just doing a lot of good things. They got a ways to go, but I like the direction they’re heading. I like how important football is to them, and I like how serious they are about it. And that’s what’s gonna make them great, if they continue on that track.

Caleb Kelly on Addison Gumbs:
Addison? He's big, he's fast and he's young, like young-minded. He has a lot to learn, but I think he's going to be able to play this year and do good things. Coach Mike loves him and, shoot, he's my little bro too. And he's from California, too, a Cali-kid and so I think he'll have a good shot this year.

Jay Boulware on Jeremiah Hall:

It’s going to take him a while to get it. He’s different than Dimitri. I think he provides a little bit more, just like we thought when we recruited him, i think he provides a little bit more in the throw game for us than maybe Dimitri did, especially at an early age. He’s really quick, but he’s got to get the run game down. He’s got to learn how to block the big uglies and block linebackers and fit up on people nice and physical and all that stuff. And he’s learning that. That’s part of the growing. He’s supposed to be in high school now and he’s over here getting banged around by college athletes and is looking around like holy crap, these guys are big and they’re fast and they know what they’re doing. Well, you’re going to know what you’re doing, too, pretty soon.

Bob Przybylo/Scout

Dimitri Flowers on Marcelias Sutton and Jeremiah Hall:

They’re going at their own pace, but they all bring something different to the table. Marcelias is almost like a wrecking ball. He’s gonna go in and do that. Trey, he’s smart, eh makes great reads, great cuts. Jeremiah, how I was like Trey, he’s like me, and we’re going down the line like that.

Lincoln Riley on Marcelias Sutton and Trey Sermon:

Sutton has been back a couple days. He’s been aggressive. He’s a little ball of fire, man. He’s a dynamite runner. He just runs angry; that’s the best way I can describe it. He’s fun to watch. He’s gonna be good.

Trey’s done well. Trey has to continue to work on his body. It’s different for those freshmen coming in. He reminds me a lot of Joe’s body. When I first got here, Joe was kinda of pudgy and out of shape. You could tell he had kinda been out of it for while. Trey, this dude is gonna like a greek god by the time Schmidty gets a hold of him; he’s just not there yet. It’s gonna take some time. You see the natural ability, you see the feel, you see the aggression, you see the great feet for the size that he has.  

Mykel Jones on Chris Robison:

He gets better and better every day. All the young guys are. Chris is a guy with a strong arm and can really spin the ball. He’s getting better.

Kyler Murray on Chris Robison:

Good dude. He's young. I know where he's at. I've been there. His head's spinning with a lot of stuff, but he'll figure it out. He'll be good.

Bob Przybylo/Scout

Mark Andrews on Grant Calcaterra:

First thing that sticks out is great hands. When someone is going to throw him the ball, he’s going to catch it. Obviously very smart, very smart football-wise. I’m very impressed with him overall.

Cale Gundy on Grant Calcaterra:

So right now we’re trying to force feed Grant Calcaterra, the young guy, to see what he can do. He’s a guy with a lot of talent. He has great hands. He’s got really, really good hands. I think he’s learning to play with the body that he has now. He’s gained 20 pounds since he’s been here. He’s gone from 212 to about 230 pounds. He’s going to be a 245-pound receiver who is playing tight end kind of like Mark Andrews.

Baker Mayfield on Marquise Brown and Grant Calcaterra

Marquise can fly. He might not weigh very much, but he can run. He’s a special guy, you get the ball in his hands and he’s going to make something happen. Grant, he really is just a young Mark Andrews. He’s a big body. He runs really well, catches everything that comes his way. He’s able to use his big body and go up and get stuff. It’s good to have those guys on campus already and obviously we’ll be looking forward to those other young receivers coming too.

Lincoln Riley on Marquise Brown:

Dede was probably less than that when he came. With the strength coach and the nutrition that we have here, he’ll gain some weight. We’re not sitting here trying to get him to 185. The league is full of slot receivers who play – they can list them anyone they want – but they play at 170 pounds. It’s all about being able to move. You have to have durability too, which he’s showed that. He’s gotta be able to run and separate. He definitely can do that.

Ricky DeBerry on Levi Draper:

He’s very smart. In the film room, he’s picking it up very fast. He’s going to be a great guy for us. He’s smart. Very, very, VERY instinctive and can be a great player for us in the future.

Bob Przybylo/Scout

Bill Bedenbaugh on Creed Humphrey: 

Yeah, very, very impressive. And I don’t want to put too much on him but I’ve never been around a guy like that at that position playing center. I had a kid at Texas Tech, Louis Vasquez who played as a true freshman but he wasn’t playing center. The kid is very, very smart. He’s strong. He does things you don’t coach. He’s natural, he’s athletic, it’s very important to him and he’s not out here missing calls. I mean, does he make mistakes? Sure he does. But not more than anybody else. He’s been pretty impressive up to this point.

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