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OU unfiltered: Jeffery Mead

Sooners Illustrated goes Unfiltered with OU wide receiver Jeffery Mead.

Can one play change people’s opinions about you? Sounds crazy, but one double-spin move by Oklahoma wide receiver Jeffery Mead last year seemed to get fans excited about what’s to come in his senior season.

With the departure of Dede Westbrook, Mead becomes the seniority leader in the locker room at the spot. Always one of the most articulate players you can be around, Mead broke down his final spring in Norman.

How are QBs not named Baker Mayfield doing?

Good. All three guys are looking good. Austin (Kendall) and Kyler (Murray) kind of have more of an idea. Chris (Robison) is starting to figure it out. The little details that you learn over time as you get out there more. All three of them are throwing the ball well.

Get the sense you’re a go-to guy now, looking at you more?

I mean there’s always that thought. I can’t guarantee. I can’t get into his head. I would hope he is. He’s throwing the ball to me more in practice. Actually, I would get the ball a lot in practice last year. The only way to really determine is the game, I guess, so we’ll see.

Tough replacing WR production from last year?

I know it’s going to take work, some would say it’s going to be even more. I don’t think we’re going to have to produce more because we have good backs and our line should be even better than it was last year. But we have to replace Dede and his 1,600 and whatever yards. We have multiple guys who can do that.

Spring game for new guys?

New guys? It will probably be a little different for them. Some of them went to big high schools… so, the adrenaline might get pumping, might get a little bit nervous. Hopefully we can keep them settled and help them run through their stuff.

Remember your first spring game?

I have no idea. I don’t remember it at all.

How fast is Marquise Brown?

You see people chasing him, and it looks like they’re kind of walking and he’s moving right by them, yea. He caught three screens and took them for at least 100 yards. Two touchdowns and another one for like 30, 40 yards. Yea, he’s fast. He’s fast.

How does it compare to Dede’s speed?

To me? They’re about the same. Dede wouldn’t run unless Dede had to. I didn’t see it in practice because he would sit out a lot in practice with his hamstring or something would be tweaked. But when he got the ball, obviously, an example would be at West Virginia, his feet were frozen. They’re really similar. Marquise is just smaller.

Did the light bulb come on for you last year?

For me personally? No. I felt like a lot of times either early in the season when Baker would throw a good ball, I’d run a bad route or vice versa. I thought we just finally connected in the second half of the season.

Did things get easier after ISU catch?

I felt like you get a little more respect. Once you’ve done stuff, it’s easier to stay on the field, obviously. I figure that’s what I’m known for, the double spin move, and that’s fine. Yes, it helped.

Are you finally comfortable with your own weight?

No. I’m one of my hardest critics. I want to be 200, 205 right now, and I’m 194. But when you run a lot of yards in practice, it’s hard to put on weight. And I’m busy, taking 15 hours and taking a lot of classes, so it’s hard to consistently eat and put on the weight.

What’s your diet?

So obviously you’re going to have your three main meals, which is normal. Then I’m gonna go – usually try to get snacks like a banana or some protein shakes or chocolate milk after my workouts. Usually drink a big protein shake after my workouts. The shake I drink has around like 1,800 calories after my workout. It’s massive. I eat a lot of rice right now.


White rice. A lot of rice is what I’m trying to do right now.

Rice and what?

So this is weird. Butter and sugar, and then I put bacon in it. You’re like yea what is that? Try it sometime for breakfast. Rice, sugar, butter and then sprinkle bacon.

Still trying to add weight?

For sure. My dad is always trying to put weight on me. I’ve been drinking protein shakes since I was 12. It’s never worked.

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