OU unfiltered: Grant Calcaterra

Sooners Illustrated goes unfiltered with OU freshman tight end Grant Calcaterra.

If Saturday was any indication, the future is bright for Oklahoma freshman tight end Grant Calcaterra. And his future might indeed already be now.

Calcaterra was one of 11 mid-year enrollees able to showcase their talents for the first time in front of 43,000 at the annual Red-White scrimmage.

He had three catches for 38 yards and described what his time in Norman has been like the last three months.

How did the spring game go?

Overall, I thought I did pretty well. Overall, I thought the offense executed pretty well. I’m pretty happy with it overall.

How has the weight gain adjustment been so far?

For the most part, it has been pretty smooth. I came in at 216 (pounds), and now I’m at 237, 238. I don’t feel much slower or any more less athletic so I feel I’ve handled the weight gain pretty well.

Mark Andrews the mentor?

It has been fantastic. Mark is a really good friend of mine to begin with. He’s a great player. He helps me out, on and off the field with anything I need. He has been really good for me.

What’s this process like? You should be getting ready for Prom this time of year.

Forces you to grow up fast, I guess. I still keep in touch with a lot of people back home, still attached the guys in my senior class. Yea, it definitely forced me to get things together quick and be in college.

Favorite part of college so far?

I don’t know, just the level of play I guess. I’ve enjoyed it a lot.

What’s this wide receiver/tight end competition been like?

I’m just trying to do everything I can to make the team better. Going out each and every day and doing my best to compete and make other guys better.

How do you compare to Mark Andrews?

I think we’re really similar. In high school, he was more of a receiver like I was. When he got here, they taught him how to be a bigger receiver. They’re doing the same thing with me. Our games are very similar.

Weight you want to play at?

Two-forty, 245, maybe. I think that would be a good weight for me.

How did you gain the weight?

Like Coach (Cale) Gundy said before, I’ve just been eating a lot. Coach Tiff has been on it with the nutrition part and in the weight room, I’ve been doing a lot to put on weight, good weight.

Weight the biggest benefit of enrolling early?

Yea, definitely. I remember that was one of the things I really wanted to focus on when I came in early. Obviously it has paid off. I’m real happy about it.

Head spinning or doing OK?

At times, it can get a little overwhelming, but I just have to keep myself grounded. Like I said, Mark Andrews helps me out a ton with everything. Coach Gundy as well. They all help me out as well whenever I have any questions.

Biggest transition in your game?

Just being more physical. In high school, I was more of a receiver, more of a big guy who can move. Now I need to be a big guy who can move and who can be a big guy. I’ve just been learning how to be a lot more physical, use my hands. Game happens a lot quicker so that part, too.

Feeling of playing in front of Saturday’s crowd?

It was really awesome. I mean being in high school, I thought those crowds were big. This was a relatively small crowd so it was really awesome for me.

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