RECRUITING: Georgia CB scouts OU in Tuscaloosa

Georgia athlete Ramarcus Brown names a leader and talks his trip to the Oklahoma-Alabama game.


JH: How did you do in your season opener?

RB: "We lost our opener. I had a rough day. I had 10 carries for 59 yards, but on defense I had one interception, four solo tackles and nine solo tackles. We are missing some offensive linemen and that really hurt us in the game. I played running back on offense and cornerback on defense."

JH: Are you beginning to like defense better or are you still an offensive guy?

RB: "If I had a choice on which side of the ball to play I would say defense. It comes down where I really have a shot to play. If Oklahoma wants me to play cornerback and that is the quickest way I can get on the field at OU, then I would play cornerback. If they would give me a chance at running back then I would certainly take that. I really like running back or wide receiver better, but I am beginning to like cornerback better all the time. I just started playing cornerback this year and in our two scrimmage games I had an interception in each game. I am getting better at cornerback all the time."

JH: What coaches have you talked to in the last couple of weeks?

RB: "I have missed a lot of coaches who have called, but I still have lost count how many have called. I saw Coach (Bob) Stoops and Coach (Cale) Gundy at the game Saturday. I went to the Alabama game as their guest, but to be honest I went to really watch Oklahoma. I couldn't talk to the OU coaches, but I certainly knew where they were."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma at this time?

RB: "I really like Oklahoma a lot and I am always going to like Oklahoma. The game was very exciting. Alabama tried hard to win, but they couldn't knock the number one team out. They tried hard, but OU made the big plays. I loved the crowd and atmosphere, and I want to play in that kind of environment if OU has that kind of atmosphere. OU had a lot of fans at the game and that was incredible. I have never seen a road team travel so many fans."

JH: Do you have a favorite at this time?

RB: "I like Oklahoma, Florida, Florida State, Georgia and Auburn. Oklahoma is my favorite right now, but I plan to take all five visits. I might also visit Ohio State, because I have been to Georgia, Florida and Auburn. I have set a visit to Oklahoma (11-14) and I will probably visit Ohio State, and then I am not really sure on the rest of the visits."

JH: "Who is recruiting you from Oklahoma?

RB: "Coach Gundy is recruiting me. I talk to him a lot and we are learning a lot about each other. We have developed a great coach-player relationship and he is always straight up with me. Once I met him I truly have enjoyed my relationship with him."

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