RECRUITING: America's No. 1 WR plans visit to OU

Saint Martinville, La. WR Early Doucet names his top five and talks about his interest in Oklahoma.


Many believe that Early Doucet is the best skill position player in the country. This do-it-all talent can play quarterback, running back, wide receiver or in the secondary, but most college recruiters like him at wide receiver and certainly in the kick return game. Ranked as the No. 1 wide receiver prospect in the country by The Insiders network, Doucet talked to about his recruiting activity at this point.

JH: You played your first game last weekend didn't you? How did it go?

ED: "It didn't go so well for me because I got injured in the first quarter of the game. I injured my hamstring on a punt return and missed most of the game. I am already feeling better and I hope I can play this coming Friday, but if I can't then certainly by the next Friday."

JH: Did you stop playing as soon as you felt it pull?

ED: "I was in the middle of returning punt and trying to get to my wall, when I felt my hamstring pull. I immediately thought about stopping play, because I know about hamstring injuries and I didn't want to miss the season, so I stepped out of bounds. I didn't want to hurt the hamstring any worse than it was already."

JH: So, you really didn't get an opportunity to show what you can do did you?

ED: "The injury happened in the first quarter, so I didn't get to play much in the game. I was upset at the time, but as the game went on I realized this might be the best for our team. My injury proved to the team that they could win without me. I have been so much of the focal point of our team, that many people believe that I am the only guy on our team who can play, and that isn't the case. Everybody on our team played so well from that point on and we won the game 20-3. It was a great victory for us and our team has so much confidence now."

JH: How many schools have offered you?

ED: "I have been offered by everybody. I am very flattered to say that I can go to any school in the country, but I already have a top five. I like OU, Florida, Florida State, LSU and USC."

JH: You really didn't mention OU early in the recruiting process, but now they are in the top five. Why the sudden interest in the Sooners?

ED: "It is really everything about OU as a program and a university. I have been watching OU on television for a while and following them on ESPN and everything. Everything about OU is first class and they are a great football team. There are no negatives about OU and they have a chance to win the national championship every year. To be honest, I have always liked them and decided recently to consider them as a school where I might want to play my college football."

JH: Do you have a favorite?

ED: "No, I don't have a favorite and that is why I want to take my visits. I need to see each school up close and see what they are really all about. I want to get my visits behind me so that I can really get down to making a decision. I want to take my visits during the football season, because I want to see what a football Saturday is like at each school. I want to see the atmosphere and see how the crowd reacts to them. I feel if I take my visits during the football season I can get a feel for the student body as well and how the college is set up. I think I am going to visit OU the weekend they host OSU."

JH: When I talked to you in the summer you said that you weren't concerned about depth charts because you felt you were going to come in and be the best player anyway. Do you still feel that way?

ED: "Sure, I do and I should feel that way. If you are going to be a great athlete, you have to believe in yourself and your abilities. If you don't believe in yourself then who is going to be believe in you? I feel when I go on a football field that I am the best player on that field and I don't feel that is going to change in college. So, yes, I am very confident about my collegiate career."

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