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OU unfiltered: Kenneth Murray

Mid-year enrollee Kenneth Murray is making a huge splash early at OU.

At the time, the commitment of linebacker Kenneth Murray felt like a nice addition to Oklahoma’s 2017 class but not a major one.

That was a long time ago. Murray played his way into Scout 300 status during his senior season and hasn’t slowed down since arriving at OU in January.

The mid-year enrollee had three tackles in Saturday’s spring game and is now making an adjustment from outside linebacker to inside linebacker as OU attempts to get him on the field more.

What it’s like moving inside?

It's definitely something different. My first day inside was this Wednesday. Trying to learn it all, it's kind of fast. Today (Saturday), I was out there and it was kind of fast for me but I'm just trying to learn all this new stuff. It's definitely different from outside. I had outside down pretty good but now it's just putting me in a whole new position, having to learn something new and being thrown straight into the fire to do it. Just trying to learn it and keep up. It's definitely something different.

Ever play inside in high school?

I didn't play inside at all. I have never played inside linebacker at all.

Working your way through traffic the biggest adjustment in the move?

Definitely that. I'm used to staying on the edge, coming off the edge, chasing dudes down from the backside, getting after the QB and now I'm inside and now I've got to worry about guards coming at me, centers coming at me and I've got to see the whole thing. Coach Kish was telling me the other day, I've got to open my vision up because sometimes a guard and a tackle would pull and I wouldn't even see it because my vision at outside is half the field. Inside, I've got to see the whole field, so just trying to figure that out. I know I'll figure it out soon. I'll be all right.

Tough adjustment but a great opportunity all at once?

Definitely. Coach Mike and coach Kish and Bob, all of them told me they would move me inside just to see if I can go in there and learn it and give me a chance to go in there and start as a true freshman so that's what I wanted to do as far as a true freshman. I can't make no excuses. I've just got to go in there and do my thing.

Buy in right from the jump?

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't sold on it, but I'm sold on playing. If that's what it takes, that's what I'll do. Anything the coaches ask me to do, I'm going to give it my 100 percent to do.

Been able to keep up physically?

When I'm here, I train pretty much twice a day here and a lot of times three times a day. You all know Caleb, me and him are best friends. Sometimes, we go in from 9 to 11 p.m. at night and be getting it. So definitely the workout part, effort, work ethic, definitely is something that I put a lot into and something that means a lot to me. I want my work ethic to always be above everybody else's.

Always been your mentality?

Oh yeah. Always. I like to be the first person in, the last person out. After every practice, I'm always going to be there doing extra work, always trying to better myself in some sort of way. I can always improve on something so I'm going to always be dedicated. It means something to me. I want to achieve. I've got stuff that I want to do so the only way I can do that is to work.

Tough decision to enroll early?

Not at all. That didn't mean nothing to me. Being the man on campus didn't mean nothing to me. All I cared about was balling so coming in her balling is what I wanted to do so giving up that second semester didn't mean nothing to me. I'll be back in May to go to prom and graduate. Those were the two things that everybody cared about and I'm still going to get to do those so it's not like I'm missing too much. 

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