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OU unfiltered: Marquise Brown

He's small, OK, we get that. But Marquise Brown is ready to make a difference with the Sooners.

Few mid-year enrollees have been talked about more at Oklahoma in recent years than wide receiver Marquise Brown.

Brown has been known for two things. His incredible speed and his incredible lack of size. It’s nothing new for Brown to be asked those questions.

Although the spring game wasn’t the best showcase of his talents, Brown has had a fantastic initial spring in Norman.

What’s the biggest adjustment?

Just using my hands in and out of routes and breaking. Adjusting my speed and learning how to use my feet and speed at a different pace, taught me to do that a lot here.

Does your lack of size hinder you in any way?

I've been small. I've been undersized all my life so that never stopped me. 

When did you notice you were smaller than most?

Probably when I first started playing. I was always smaller and then it never really—once we get out there, everybody's the same size as me.

What has helped you be successful?

I think my speed and my vision—able to see what's coming at me and not being able to take those big hits.

Dede Westbrook did it. I can, too, mentality?

Most definitely. The guys before me that's undersized, I look up to all them. I saw that they could do it so I feel I can do it too.

Were you really 148 pounds when you arrived?

No, I showed up at 144. I don't know where 148 came from. I'm at 158 right now though. 

How’s the diet/weight situation now?

Really just hitting the weight room harder. At my juco, I played a season there at 164 and then I went back home and lost a lot of weight, then I came up here smaller so really hitting the weight room hard and just working hard. I have to eat every three hours.

Lost weight at home?

I got sick and it was just bad.


What’s it like working with Baker Mayfield?

It's great. I love every quarterback that we have really. Those guys are good. Guys like Baker, they just lead by example. I just see what they do. I'm not a big talker. I just see what they do and I just try to follow.

How big of a factor was Mayfield in you picking OU?

It was a big factor. He did a good job recruiting me too. 

Parnell Motley been good competition?

That guy made me a lot better. He's really good. ... I would say his athleticism. I use me speed a lot. Sometimes with him I have to use more of a technique. He's a good player.

Your 40-yd dash time?

Here, I came here (in the winter) and I ran like a 4.4. But last spring, I ran a 4.33.

Kyler Murray says he’s faster? Who’s faster?

Me. We can race. I'm waiting on it.

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