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Sooner Intel: OU enters the mix for Grayson Boomer

Intel returns with an update on one of OU's recent offers, Grayson Boomer.

There’s one person not impressed even a little bit by the film of 2019 Collinsville (Okla.) High tight end Grayson Boomer from his sophomore season.

Boomer himself.

“I was kind of disappointed in my film,” Boomer said. “That’s not how I would portray myself as an athlete. I thought it was pretty bad, honestly.”

Schools beg to differ. Boomer already had some major offers before the last couple of weeks, but his stock is soaring right now with offers from Arkansas, Oklahoma and Notre Dame in the last two weeks.

Boomer, who perhaps at one time was labeled a tweener with tight end, defensive end and maybe even growing into an offensive lineman, said things are being squashed. He’s a tight end, and that’s exactly the way he wants it.

He has been busy on the camp circuit, participating at The Opening regional, Under Armour camp and Rivals camp. The steam is picking up, and the four-star prospect is going full speed.

“I’m working on my route running and improving my blocking,” Boomer said. “It’s rare to see a tight end prospect who can block nowadays. I think that’s how I’m setting myself apart from everybody else.”

OU had already offered one 2019 prospect in Tulsa Booker T. Washington’s Daxton Hill so fans were waiting for Boomer to get the call. After all, his name is Boomer, right? It’s only right for him to get the offer.

But it wasn’t coming. Boomer went his whole sophomore season not really with much interest and was beginning to wonder. Had OU moved on? What could he do to change its mind?

One thing Boomer understood from the jump is OU doesn’t just offer anybody. There’s a reason for that call.

“They don’t offer anyone unless they really think you’re going to produce,” Boomer said. “That’s one thing I really like about OU. If you fit into the program, they’re going to offer you. The rankings don’t matter.”

OU certainly has an ace in the hole in this recruitment in freshman linebacker Levi Draper. A star at Collinsville, Boomer has learned a lot from Draper in terms of conduct on and off the field. And Draper is proving to be pivotal in bridging the connections between the staff and Boomer.

Assistant coach Cale Gundy had Draper send Boomer a message last Thursday, asking Boomer to attend the spring game. Boomer had already committed to attending Tulsa’s spring game so he couldn’t go. Maybe the offer was to happen in person so instead, it happened the next day.

Draper got in touch with Boomer again about being free for a FaceTime call with Gundy and the rest of the offensive staff.

“I knew it was big time,” Boomer said. “It was like the most nerve-racking moments of my life. Sitting there in front of the whole offensive staff, and that’s when they offered me.”

Boomer is hopeful to return to OU for the first time since being offered this weekend as OU is bringing in multiple big names for the 2019 class.

Boomer wants to be the best of both worlds. He doesn’t want to be known as a blocking tight end. He doesn’t want to be known as a receiving tight end. He wants to be the total package, someone who can do both.

Boomer said he might return to Arkansas for its spring game in two weeks. After receiving an offer from Notre Dame, a trip to South Ben could be in the works. In other words, there’s no rush and no timetable for this announcement.

“Not really,” he said. “When it’s time and I’m comfortable, I’ll announce it.”

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