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OU stock report: 2018 Scout 300

A second look at where OU stands with current Scout 300 prospects.

It has been about two months since last looked at how Oklahoma is faring for the 2018 class in the Scout 300, and a lot has changed.

Some good. Some bad. Some names completely off the board as the Sooners continue to try to land top targets for #ST2K18.

2018 Scout 300

Trending up. Duh. Nothing has changed here. Walker still as firm an OU commit as you’re ever going to find. Punched his ticket to The Opening finals last month.

Trending up. OU with two commits in the top 20 so not too bad. Pledger, um, pledged a few weeks ago and will also be headed to The Opening.

Trending up. His ranking took a bit of a dip, but his stance with the Sooners did not. Junior day visit? Check. Spring game visit? Check. OU firmly in top eight and looking good.

Trending down. OU sort of having to go back to the drawing board at safety position as it doesn’t appear as though O’Neal will be a Sooner.

Trending up. Good news here, though, especially coming off a great visit by Orji and his family to OU last weekend. Could be the next major commit for OU.

Trending sideways. OU doing a good job of keeping in touch but unable to get Trout to campus right now, which is going to be crucial moving forward. (for now)

Trending down. A blow, a gut-punch last weekend when Proctor committed to Ohio State. Does Kerry Cooks move on? Does Proctor still listen to OU? Time will tell those answers. Can’t see OU giving up just yet.

Trending sideways. It still feels like OU is sitting pretty here, but no movement at all from Brown in terms of spring visits or even spring camps. So sideways.

Trending sideways. OU seemed like the team to beat two months ago. Now? Not so sure. Sooners have to get him to Norman pronto.

Trending sideways. You want to go up because it’s awesome for OU he visited. But then the trip to Texas still occurred and Rising has gone silent since. Something to monitor.

Trending up. OU missed out on a couple of in-state targets in the last week but doesn’t appear to be losing steam with Tatum. He hates the spotlight so that might be good news for OU with his process.

Trending down. Florida appears to be the school to beat based on the oceanography degree he wants. But OU has a spot for an interior lineman now so maybe Bedenbaugh makes the push?

Trending sideways. Another Missouri prospect where OU is in the thick of things but not making the major impression you might think or might expect.

Trending sideways. Maybe up? McKinley felt like he would be an iffy one for OU. But with the Sooners missing out on some guys, could OU really pass him up if he wanted to be in Norman?

Trending up. Despite the Nebraska visit, OU continues to do everything right here. His friendship with Proctor led most to believe they were Sooner-bound. Nothing has changed with Redmond yet.

Trending up. Have to say up because he wasn’t really on the radar two months ago. The question is whether OU is a token top five finalist or a real player. TBD.

Trending down. Could hear the argument for sideways, but it feels like down as OU can’t get him to campus and Illinois is making the impression you want OU to be making right now.


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