RECRUITING: OU close to landing five-star DT

Oklahoma is on the verge of landing an impact defensvie tackle for the 2004 class. Find out what the five-star stud thought about his recent trip to Norman.


JH: How did you like your visit to OU?

JM: "It was great. I liked it a lot."

JH: What did you like about OU?

JM: "The facilities, the coaches and the players are all so great. The attitude of the team and the atmosphere is just outstanding. I wrote my pros and cons about Oklahoma and ,to be honest, there isn't anything bad about Oklahoma at all."

JH: What did you do and who showed you around Norman?

JM: "Wayne Chambers showed me around. We went to a party and it was a different, crowd but I enjoyed it."

JH: You took in the North Texas game, so what did you think about the game?

JM: "It was breathtaking. I sat in the stands and I just soaked it all in. Even when it started raining I stayed in the stands, because I just wanted to gather it all in. I was asked if I wanted to go inside, but I said no and I just let it rain on me and I had a blast."

JH: What did you think of the Sooner defense?

JM: "The defense is quick. Watching Tommie Harris and Kory Klein, they were amazing and so quick off the ball. I met Coach (Jackie) Shipp and watched him coach and he was great. I actually made up my mind on the trip to go to Oklahoma, but when I called home my parents told me to pray about it and that is what I am doing. I really want to go to Oklahoma, but I need to make sure that is what God wants me to do. I am actually fasting right now and praying to God for guidance and waiting for his word."

JH: What are the odds good that you will sign with OU?

JM: "The odds are great. Like I said, I wanted to commit when I was at Oklahoma. Coach Bob Stoops is such a great guy and the vibe I get off the players is so positive and everything was so great."

JH: Are you going to take any other visits?

JM: "I am going to Arizona State on October 11 and I doubt that I will have any more time to take visits after that. I really want to get this pressure off my back as soon as possible. I want to know where I am going to transfer to."

JH: How did things go in your opening game?

JH: "We started our season with a sound game this past Saturday as we won our opening game. I played very well. I sprained my ankle at the half, but I came back in the second half and finished with 12 tackles, three tackles for loss, three sacks and three tackles for no gain. I may not play against Saddleback, because my ankle is messed up. I am going through therapy and I hope that it improves by Saturday. At least right now the swelling has gone down."

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