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OU spring questions revisited: Offense

Did OU answer Sooners Illustrated's questions during the spring? Let's find out.

Before spring practice started, Sooners Illustrated asked the 17 questions for Oklahoma for 2017 spring football.

With spring ball officially in the books, it’s time to look back and see what was answered positive or negative and what still remains to be seen.

This three-day series will focus on offense, defense and then in generality.

Up first? Offense.

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Sooners Illustrated’s 17 questions for spring 2017


Who wins the backup quarterback position?

Don’t think we know who won between Austin Kendall and Kyler Murray and can guarantee offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley doesn’t care right now. He said last week he’s not really taking a big picture look at the spot yet. Likes what he has on campus has been his main thought and we’ll watch the competition play out during the summer and camp.

Will Rodney Anderson stay healthy?

Remains to be seen, but he’s certainly a different looking player than he was last year. Like adding 15 pounds of muscle different. Anderson wore a green, non-contact jersey throughout spring so don’t know if he can take a hit. What we do know is his mentality hasn’t changed. He still has a deep passionate love of the game and is not worried about being out there.

Will Jeffery Mead make the leap like Dede Westbrook?

Let’s pump the brakes on the Westbrook talk, but let’s go ahead and chalk this up as a yes in terms of Mead making a leap. He will, and it will be pretty dramatic in comparison what he has done in Norman so far. Physically, he looks different. Mentally, he’s all there. He’s going to be a leader even if he doesn’t have that natural swag persona of a receiver.

Where can Baker Mayfield improve on the field?

There was a lot of talk about Mayfield and the quarterback issues off the field, and that’s understandable and with merit. But the OU fan wants to know why Mayfield on the field in 2017 is going to be even better. Mayfield’s answer? Wins. He’s still mad about the 1-2 start from 2016 and hasn’t moved on from it.

Is this Bob Stoops’ best offensive line?

It could be. It sure as heck feels like it will be talked about as if it is. Understand the depth, especially in the interior. But there are issues at tackle if anything were to happen with Bobby Evans or Orlando Brown. Something to monitor moving forward and something even offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh brought up in terms of lack of tackle depth.

#BallOutBoyz are coming, last stand for Dahu Green and/or A.D. Miller?

That might have been. A.D. Miller got cheated out of spring with an early injury. Dahu Green was raved about by the coaches before and after the spring game. But in the game itself? Still looked like the inconsistent Green saw in 2016. Jeff Badet, CeeDee Lamb and Charleston Rambo are coming, going to get interesting in a hurry.

Three men, two spots, how does it break down between Cody Ford, Ben Powers, Dru Samia?

Yes. Samia is not moving. Seems clear he’s set at right guard. The question becomes Ford and Powers at left guard. And really there is no wrong answer here, just whatever Bedenbaugh decides to do. Ford appears to have the narrowest of edges after spring, but it’s not like Powers is taking a backseat. This could be the most intense position battle throughout 2017.


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