Cy Springs safety Leon O'Neal (Photo: Billy Embody)

OU's 'wish list' - Safety/Nickelback

OU's 'wish list' concludes defensively with a look at the safety/nickelback spot.

Things are starting to work themselves out on the recruiting trail. It’s time to start looking more intently on Oklahoma’s “wish list” for the Class of 2018, #SavageTeam2K18.

Here is an idea of where OU stands heading into May. The number in parentheses indicates the number of recruits OU is looking to sign at the position for the Class of 2018. The names do not necessarily reflect OU’s official board but are the best guesstimate of who OU is targeting.


Safety/Nickelback (2-3)

Committed (2)

Lancaster (Texas) High’s Jordon Austin. It has been nearly a year with Austin committed to the Sooners. A lot has changed so something to monitor. Austin is all-in with OU, but he knows he’ll have to prove he’s the same guy (if not better) than he was before he tore his ACL last October. OU has stood by his side so far every step of the way, but it’s a business.

Tulsa (Okla.) Union’s Patrick Fields. Offered at the #ChampUBBQ, and yes, it was another countdown to a commitment. Since Fields committed two months ago, he has become the vocal ringleader for OU’s #ST2K18 on social media. He’s doing all he can to lock down a great class to join him in Norman and is committed as committed can be.



Next in line

Houston Cypress Springs’ Leon O’Neal. Both of these guys in O’Neal and Proctor just scream can’t-miss about them, but OU is climbing uphill for both. O’Neal appears to be leaning toward Texas A&M at the moment, while Proctor is obviously committed to Ohio State. Both major difference makers, see what Kerry Cooks can do to turn the tide.

Owasso (Okla.) High’s Josh Proctor. Maybe the pressure of being the in-state kid became too much, but Proctor surprised quite a few in picking the Buckeyes last month. Cooks has developed an incredible bond with Proctor and should know how to handle this situation from here. Does he move on? Or does he figure out the missing ingredient to get Proctor to come home?

On the radar


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