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OU's 'must-get' recruit for 2018 class - locking down the state

If there's one recruit OU needs to get for the 2018 class, Jalen Redmond is that guy.

Every Wednesday during the summer, Sooners Illustrated publisher Bob Przybylo is going to take one Oklahoma recruiting question from readers and give an in-depth answer.

This week’s question?

Who is OU’s ‘must-get’ recruit for the 2018 class?

This was asked in the chat last week and really wanted to expand on it because not sure a chat setting allows for the type of explanation.

It’s a good question. And there are certain factors to consider with this, which is why the choice is Midwest City (Okla.) High’s Jalen Redmond.

Redmond isn’t exactly a position of need in terms of an outside linebacker coming off the edge and also playing in space. The Sooners have some quality players in that spot, but it’s in other areas where this feels like a need and not a want.

For one thing, state perception. Since OU earned the commitments of Tulsa Union’s Patrick Fields and Jordan Kelley back in March, OU has gone 0-for in the state with offered kids.

Casey Thompson (Texas). Josh Proctor (Ohio State). Bryce Bray (Oklahoma State). Ron Tatum (Texas).

Sooners Illustrated sat here for months saying OU was going to sweep the board of its desired OKPreps kids and then Proctor, Bray and Tatum wiped that all away.

The only one lingering is Redmond, and if OU can land Redmond, it would then have four of the top 10 in the state. Forty percent isn’t dominating the dojo, but it’s not missing on them, either.

Redmond appears to be genuinely confused/wondering what he should do. This is a kid who grew up playing basketball with Proctor. This is a kid who went to Tatum’s ceremony wearing OU apparel from head-to-toe.

As of the moment, though, Redmond couldn’t play with either of them. Instead of following the lead, what if Redmond was the guy to set the pace?

If OU could get Redmond, perhaps that’s a shot in the arm the Sooners need to get back into the game with Proctor and Tatum?

Proctor admitted Tuesday that OU is not backing down and that falls right in line with how defensive backs coach Kerry Cooks has played things.

Redmond released his top six and has picked up a ton of top offers since so he said he’ll most likely revisit that bunch.

OU will still be there. The Sooners are always going to be there, but OU needs to close on a top-notch defensive prospect.

As evidenced Tuesday evening with Rockwall (Texas) High’s Alston Orji committing to Vanderbilt, OU is playing runner-up all too often with these top defensive kids.

Mike Stoops and Calvin Thibodeaux have put in some serious work for Redmond. Now, yep, it’s about the art of the deal. Lock this one down and reassert to everybody else that the in-state recruiting runs through Norman.

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