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Sooner Intel: OU visit review - Bryson Jackson, Tommy Bush, Jalen Redmond

Intel returns with an update on the week in visits for OU in Riley's first week.

The first week of the Lincoln Riley era at Oklahoma is in the books, and he hit the ground running on the recruiting trail.

A number of top visitors made it to campus during that first week and here’s a rundown of where things stand following those trips.

The first major visitor under Riley was a four-star wide receiver from Houston. OU had recently offered, and Jackson was quick to make the trip to campus.

Before the Sooners offer, everybody thought Texas A&M was the easy leader. Things are a bit more complicated following that trip to Norman.

Although the Sooners definitely did a great job with Jackson, they weren’t able to close the deal. At least not yet. Jackson was quick to say last week that if everything went well, he would seriously consider committing right on the spot.

Jackson has been quite silent since the trip although a source believes OU has pushed out in front for the Scout 300 prospect.

OU has to start making its move at wide receiver, and Bush is the most realistic top-ranked target on the board right now.

Bush had talked about trying to make a visit to OU for a couple of months and said he had developed a great bond with Dennis Simmons and Cale Gundy.

The visit finally occurred Monday, and OU didn’t lose ground but not too sure it locked things up, either. The problem with Bush is it was a whirlwind tour.

Bush visited schools like Florida State, Ole Miss, Auburn, Vanderbilt, he was a busy, busy person in the last couple of weeks.

In text messages with Bush, seems clear OU will make any initial cut and will most likely earn one of the five official visits. That’s good, but the Sooners were hoping to make a bigger splash and might have to wait on that front.

Following OU getting the commitment of OKC Putnam City’s Ron Tatum, OU fans were certainly hoping to pull off the OKPreps double with Redmond and Tatum.

But Redmond has been as adamant as possible saying he’s waiting until December. Following the Tuesday trip, well, still waiting.

It’s a much different feeling, though, with Redmond right now than at this point last month. OU was seemingly holding on with Redmond as other schools were closing the gap.

Now? The Sooners are in a very comfortable position. The coaches continue to do everything right in handling this recruitment and Redmond should return for another trip to the #ChampUBBQ next month.

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