RECRUITING: Leggett returns from Florida

Arlington, Texas WR Lance Leggett talks about where the Sooners stand after his visit to Florida.


JH: How did you like your trip to Florida?

LL: "I really liked Florida a lot. I like everything about the program from the team to the atmosphere to their offense."

JH: Are you through taking visits at this point?

LL: "I am not going to be taking one this weekend. I really don't know if I will take any more in the future or not."

JH: What did you think of the Florida offense against Florida A&M?

LL: "They didn't throw the ball that much in the game, but I like their offense and what they try to do."

JH: How does recruiting break down at the moment?

LL: "I like all three schools, but right now I like Florida and Miami a little bit better. It is a real tough decision for me, because I like Oklahoma too. Right now it is a tough call for me."

JH: What is it that you like about those three schools?

LL: "At Miami I really like the players, the school and the atmosphere. I like the head coach at Oklahoma and really there are a lot of things I like about Oklahoma. At Florida I really like the players as well and I think it is a great school."

JH: Is this going to be a tough decision for you?

LL: "Yes, without question it is. I was hoping to make my decision in the next couple of weeks, but now that I am back from Florida I really don't think that I can."

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