RECRUITING: Sooners invading California

Los Angeles, Calif. DE/OT Thomas Herring talks about his interest in the Sooners.


JH: How has your season gone thus far?

TH: "We have played just one game thus far and we shut out Compton 25 to 0. We pretty much dominated up front on both sides of the ball. I played on both sides of the ball at defensive end and tight end. I had one tackle and one sack as they never ran to my side. I also played with a sore left foot, which limited me somewhat. I thought I dominated on offense with my down blocking and I three pancakes."

JH: You are being recruited on both sides of the ball, so which side do you have to play on in college?

TH: "I really like defense end. Out of all the colleges that are recruiting me they are about split down the middle as to whether they want me to play on offense or defense."

JH: Will you pick a school based on a promise of where you will play?

TH: "No, that won't influence my decision. I am going to pick my school and then let the football play out from there."

JH: Do you have a leader at this point?

TH: "No, sir."

JH: What is your top five?

TH: "My top five are Miami, USC, Oklahoma, Michigan and Notre Dame."

JH: Have you set any visits at this point?

TH: "No, sir."

JH: What is about Oklahoma that you like?

TH: "Watching them they are a great team. They are the number one team in the nation and they deserve it. They are great on offense and really do a number of different things and they have a great defense as well. I have watched them for a couple of years and they have been one of the top schools in the country it seems for ever. It is obvious they have a great program and would be a great team to play for."

JH: Will you definitely take a visit to Oklahoma?

TH: "Yes, sir."

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