Carrollton cornerback talks about verbal to OU

Carrollton Turner defensive back Michael Hawkins talks about why he chose Oklahoma

Position: Wide receiver
Height: 6-1
Weight: 170
Speed: 4.4
Hometown: Carrollton, Texas
School: Carrollton Turner High School
Ranking: Rated as the 24th best prospect in Texas by

"I was always leaning to OU, but there was a point that I thought I wanted to see other schools. However, then it got back to thinking that I was tired of everybody asking me what I was going to do and when was I going to do it. When I came on your show I knew that I was going to go to OU and so I decided to go ahead and get this recruiting thing over with."

"I haven't been able to talk to the other coaches yet to tell them that I have committed to OU. When I moved the last time coaches really don't have my number and they can't get a hold of me and that is the way I want it. My coach is taking their phone calls and telling them of my decision. I am trying to focus on my season right now."

"We have been pretty good this season. We lost our opening game. We were ahead 18-0 going into the fourth quarter, but we let Odessa Permian come back and beat us. In our second game we won 34-6 and we won our third game 35-6 against a ranked team."

"So far I have one interception, which came in the last game. I almost returned it for a touchdown. The first two games nobody threw my direction. I returned a kickoff 49-yards and almost broke it for a touchdown. Next week I face up with Robert Timmons of Flower Mound (Marcus), Texas and I am looking forward to shutting him down. He has been quoted in the paper that he will make the Turner Lions defense look like fools. Well, I will be locked up on him and we will see who is the fool. I been telling all of those recruiting services that have him have rated ahead of me, if I shut him down they better adjust that. I love competition, because there is nothing better than getting challenged."

"People don't throw the ball on my side that much. I have to bait them to test me. However, I am pretty sure that they will throw the ball to Timmons. I have lost respect for him because of what he said, but he is a very good player. I can't wait until we play the game."

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