RECRUITING: Chicago OL has OU in top five

Mammoth offensive tackle Roland Martin names and leader and talks about his interest in Oklahoma.


Roland is one of those offensive tackles that college coaches love. He is already blessed with the size necessary to play in the college game, and he has the quickness and smarts to be a super offensive tackle prospect.

Martin is a three-year starter, who would have been a rare four-year starter if he didn't miss his whole freshman season due to a stomach infection.

"I play on the left side and I protect my quarterbacks blind side, but that isn't a real big deal to me," said Martin. "I just need to do a great job and then those things will take care of themselves. I have always been a big guy all the way back to grammer school. People always ask me if I have been held back and I always have to laugh at that."

"We are off to a great start at 3-0 and we have not been scored upon yet. We have scored 37, 43 and 48 points in our three games. I have played well, but I was beat on one play. I had the wind blowing right in my face and I couldn't hear my quarterback's cadence, and when he snapped the ball I wasn't ready for it and fell backwards on my butt trying to react to the linebacker."

Roland can bench press 225 pounds 25 times and squats 480. Martin went to the Illinois and Northern Illinois summer camps. Martin has been offered by more schools than he can count, but he has narrowed his choices down to Tennessee, Oklahoma, Iowa, Michigan State and Miami.

"That five is not firm at this point, but I really like those five schools," said Martin. "Oklahoma is a school that I have become interested in recently, or maybe I should say that they have become interested in me recently. I didn't hear much from then until recently and I have really enjoyed talking to Oklahoma. I am just beginning to find out things about Oklahoma. I guess you can say that Tennessee is my favorite right now, because I used to watch them all the time when I was little."

Martin has yet to set any visits, but says he will start doing that towards the end of this season.
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