RECRUITING: Sooners land top Texas WR

Dallas wide receiver Lendy Holmes talks about his commitment and visit to Norman.


JH: How is your season going?

LH: "We are three games into the season and we are 2-1 on the year right now."

JH: How are you doing so far this season?

LH: "Right now I am not playing. I broke my collarbone in the summer and I am still waiting to get released from my doctor. I don't expect to play until late in our district season."

JH: You were at OU unofficially this weekend, so what did you think?

LH: "I had a great time and I really enjoyed myself. The game was great and it was fun talking to the fans."

JH: Were you surprised that the fans knew who you were?

LH: "Yeah, I was. I don't see how they knew who I was, but they were fun and great to talk to. I can tell the fans know their football."

JH: What did you think of the Sooners' win over UCLA?

LH: "I loved the game. I loved the offense and how they throw the ball. The wide receivers have a lot to do in their offense. They play great defense at OU and I love how they play it, especially Brandon Everage. It was amazing to watch Antonio Perkins and all those returns. Man, that was great."

JH: Is OU what does with their receivers what you like to do in an offense?

LH: "Yes, it does. What they do is exactly how I play, so I think I would fit in very well."

JH: What are you thoughts on Oklahoma?

LH: "Right now I think very highly of them. I like everything about OU and like their coaches and players too."

JH: Are you close to committing to OU?

LH: "I am very close to committing to OU, but I will probably wait until basketball season or wait until the Army All-Star game on January 3rd."

JH: Would you say that you are a soft commitment to OU?

LH: "I have verbally committed to OU, but of course I haven't signed anything at this time. I am not sure how you would label it, but right now I am going to OU, but I don't' want to make that announcement officially until later."

JH: I know you are going to visit OU officially, but will you visit any other schools?

LH: "I am going to visit OU and I have no idea about any others. Right now I just want to concentrate on my schoolwork and my classes. I know I like OU and that is good enough for me."

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