Rhett Bomar Diary: Coping with first loss

Grand Prairie quarterback Rhett Bomar talks about losing to North Mesquite, not being at the UCLA game and Lendy Holmes in the sixth installment of his exclusive OUInsider.com diary.

Wow. I just heard Lendy Holmes committed to Oklahoma. That's awesome. He's a good player, so I'm really excited. He definitely gives me another weapon to throw the ball to when I'm in Norman.

Anyway, I lost my first game this season at North Mesquite 37-13 on Friday. Plain and simple, we just got beat. We didn't play very well and North Mesquite did, so they really handed it to us. Offensively, we barely had the ball, because North Mesquite runs a ground-control offense that kept us off the field most of the game. It worked, but whenever we got the ball, we couldn't do anything with it, so it's everybody's fault. I'm not sure if North Mesquite is better than us or not, because we really didn't have a good game on either side of the ball. It's tough to lose like that, because I know we could have played better, but we'll just have to come out this week vs. Carrollton R.L. Turner and shake it off.

I'm not exactly sure about my stats from Friday, but I think I had something like 110 yards passing with two touchdown and two interceptions. That is not acceptable. We really couldn't find our rhythm as an offense. It just wasn't a good night. I really didn't have any big plays against North Mesquite, but I've got plenty of bad memories from the game. On my first interception, I kind of locked in on one of my teammates running down the seam. I should have hit another receiver on a corner route, but I didn't and ended up throwing to the wrong guy, which was totally my fault. My second interception came towards the end of the game when I was trying to make something happen, because we needed points. I tried to go deep on the play, but one of their guys came over and made a really nice play with a one-handed interception.

Since we lost on Friday and I was in a bad mood, I didn't go the UCLA game on Saturday. I called Coach Venables that morning and left a message on his cell phone to let him know I wouldn't be there. Nothing against OU, but I just hate losing. I'm sure the atmosphere for UCLA was exciting, but I really didn't feel like being there. Instead of going to game, I just sat at home and watched college football with one of my cousins. We watched Oklahoma and I was really impressed by them as usual, but I was never worried about the game's outcome, even when OU trailed 10-7. Antonio Perkins made some great moves and I still can't believe UCLA kept kicking to him. To set an NCAA record like he did, must be an incredible feeling. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that myself one of these days.

As for Jason White, he had another solid game. He started a little slow, but he did what he had to do for his team to win, which was impressive, because the announcers on television kept saying that UCLA had a "proud defense." That was kind of funny to me, because they didn't look so "proud" after OU scored 59 points on them. That night, a couple of my friends talked me into going to a haunted house. It was all right, but to be honest, it was kind of a waste of money. It wasn't scary at all, which didn't surprise me, because they usually never are.

We play our first district game this Friday vs. Carrollton R.L. Turner at 7:30 p.m. I'm ready for it, because it'll be nice to finally play some games that count towards the playoffs. I don't know much about them, but last year's game, which we lost 14-12, was tough. I'm sure they're a good team, so we'll have to play much better game than we played last week. Because Oklahoma is off this week, I think Coach Venables and Coach Long are going to be at my game. That'll be cool. Hopefully, we'll play well. I really don't think I'll feel any added pressure with them being there, because they've already seen me play before. I'll just play my game like normal and do whatever I can to help my team win.

For the first time in awhile, Oklahoma was the only school to call me this week. And trust me, I'm not complaining about it at all. I enjoy the peacefulness. This week, it was Coach Venables and Coach Stoops that called. We talked about their preparations for the UCLA game and some other stuff, but that was about it.

Nothing else is really been going on at school. I had a test in physics and made a 90 percent. Other then that, I've just been going to football practice and then coming home to watch television or something like that. Lately, I've been watching that show on ESPN called "Playmakers." I think it's kind of stupid sometimes, because I don't think all that stuff goes on in real life, but then again, it's football, so I'm going to watch it.

Anyway, that's about it. I can't wait to get back on the field this week so we can start winning football games again. I'll let you know if Coach Venables and Coach Long were at game and if we avenged last year's loss Carrollton R.L. Turner next week. As always, thanks for the questions. Keep'em coming.

Ask Rhett Bomar

Do you have any pets?
Plano, Texas

Rhett: "I used to have a dog, but we had to put her to sleep last year, because she had a tumor on her mouth that kept growing back. Her name was Sweetie and she was part Australian Shepherd and part Blue Heeler. I really like dogs, but we're not going to get another one, because we had her for so long and no other dogs probably really compare to her."

What's your gut feeling on where Adrian Peterson will attend school next fall?
Dallas, Texas

Rhett: "I have no clue. I really don't know. Hopefully, it'll be Oklahoma."

What intangibles do you have that will make OU a better football team?
Pawnee, Oklahoma

Rhett: "I'll bring more athletic ability, which allow them (OU's coaches) to run a type of offense with a quarterback run game like Coach Wilson used at Northwestern. They really can't do that with Jason White, because of his knees, which don't allow him to be as mobile as he used to be. Because I know how to read the (defensive) end and when to pull the ball down, I can do a lot of designed quarterback run plays. If Oklahoma lacks anything in their offensive scheme, it's probably a quarterback who can run as well as he throws."

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