HOOPS RECRUITING: Sooners lead for Texas SG?

Houston shooting guard Chamberlain Oguchi talks about his visit to Norman.


JH: You just got back form Oklahoma so how did you like your visit?

CO: "I thought it went pretty good. The guys showed me a good time. I think that is the place where I could fit in with the players and that is very important to me. The facilities are just top notch and the top of the line to me. I haven't heard of any other schools that have those kind of facilities. I couldn't believe that they had two practices facilities behind the gym. That was incredible to me and everything else about he facility was great."

JH: What were your totals last year?

CO: "I averaged 25 points and six rebounds a game last year."

JH: How would you describe your game?

CO: "I am a playmaker, but not as a point guard. I am a wing playmaker and I like coming off screens or double screens and getting my jump shot off. I hit 35 percent of my three point shots last year. I need to work on taking my man off the dribble, but I am working on that every day and that is coming along."

JH: Do you have a leader at this point?

CO: "Right now Oklahoma is leading in my eyes. I want to go to a place where I know that I can win and Oklahoma is a program that is always winning. I am also considering Kansas State, Georgia Tech and Oregon."

JH: Have you taken any other visits?

CO: "I have already visited Kansas State and New Mexico."

JH: When do you think you will make a decision?

CO: "I will probably make my decision in late October after I get back from my Georgia Tech visit."

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