White talks about the Heisman, other topics

Oklahoma Quarterback Jason White rolls out to throw a touchdown pass to Travis Wilson against the UCLA Bruins in the second quarter. See inside for an in-depth Q&A session with the senior QB from Tuesday's press conference. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

Below is a transcript of Oklahoma quarterback Jason White's press conference with the media Tuesday in Norman.

On if he's satisfied with his play after four games
"I think the thing we're satisfied with is we've improved every game on the mistakes we had the previous game. If we keep improving every game like we have the last four games we've got a good chance of being a great team."

On getting rested up during the off-week
"I think I've been fine throughout the first four games. I haven't had any trouble at all. Off-weeks are always good for anybody. It's time off from the steady pounding all the time. It's always good just to get a couple days off."

On wanting the off-week despite the fact that the offense has been clicking
"I think it will be good for the offense this week. We're going to work on things that we're going to improve on. Regardless, we're still going to stay in rhythm because we're still practicing. I don't think it's going to be any big deal for the offense. If anything, it's going to make us better."

On what areas has he improved on this year
"I think the biggest thing I've improved on is reads, being patient and kind of letting the play develop a little bit. Part of that has to do with the offensive line. So far they've done a great job of protecting. I've got plenty of time to throw, so you go through quite a bit of reads. That's one thing I really worked on during the offseason — just being patient and taking what they give you. There's still room for improvement on that part to though."

On the Heisman talk
"I think the Heisman is a great award, but it's just as much a team award as it is an individual award, because your team has to be winning. Other than a national championship, that would be a great team award. But I think everybody's goal is to win the national championship and the other awards will fall into place."

On if he has the intangibles to be a great quarterback
"I think the intangibles for a great quarterback would be great leadership and somebody that makes good decisions and is able to lead the team. I still have a lot of room for improvement on just leading the team and getting us in the right plays."

On if his knees caused him to get up slowly after getting hit against UCLA
"It's not knee related. I just got hit and wasn't expecting it. It wasn't a big deal."

On his confidence
"I think the whole offense has gotten more confident throughout each game. The way we're going so far, I think we'll keep gaining confidence throughout the season."

On what kind of film he watched during the offseason
"You can watch numerous things. Usually what I do is watch our plays and go through the reads of our cut-ups through the previous year. And then when you get done with that you start watching some opponent tape. You don't want to get too in-depth with the opponent tape because some of the games you're not going to play until the eighth or ninth game of the year. So, you just want to focus on your plays."

On coming back for a sixth year next season
"That's something where I'm waiting until after this season to decide on. I think that I'd rather just wait and decide at the end of the year than think about it now. I don't have to do anything until after January."

On what factors come into his decision to apply for a sixth year
"A lot of things. I'm sure I'll talk to the coaches about it and they'll give me good advice. I'll talk to my parents and see where it goes from there."

On what he'll do on his day off this Saturday
"I'll definitely enjoy myself. I'll probably get out of the house and do something a little relaxing. Maybe go to the zoo or something (laughs)."

On if he'll watch any other college football games
"I like to watch the games. I've got friends that play for other teams, so you kind of want to watch the games where you know people. But sometimes you just want to get away from football a little bit and spend time doing other things."

On if he watches the other quarterbacks to see if he's better than them
"No (laughs). When you watch games you are so used to watching film you look at the defense more than anything. You think in your head about calling out coverages and what plays would work good against this defense. It also helps out a lot. I know a lot of other quarterbacks do that when they just watch any kind of game."

On if he ever thought about what it would be like playing for a pass-happy offense like at NC State or Texas Tech
"I think I'd have a tired arm (laughs)."

On if there was a problem with hand-offs against UCLA
"Yes, we made some adjustments at halftime with our run game and we had some problems with the hand-off. That was unneccesary because we've ran the same play for two years now. It's partially my fault. That's one good thing about this week is we can work on those without losing any time."

On if he were a coach would he punt to Antonio Perkins
"No. I don't think I'd punt to Antonio, especially after this game."

On if he bought dinner for the o-line after Saturday's win
"I think we'll wait until next Thursday, because that's kind of eating up the pocket book a little bit."

On how many times he's taken the o-line out to eat
"Every game. I took them out during the summer before two-a-days started. We've been out five times."

On where his linemen like to eat

On who picks where to eat
"I pick the place because Jammal Brown is a high-roller and he wants to go eat at Red Lobster. So, I said I can't afford that. We've been to the Golden Corral. We ate pizza a couple of times."

On what Josh Heupel did better than him as a quarterback
"Josh was a complete quarterback in 2000. He did everything well – he had good checks, read the field well. Things that I would learn from him, as far as preparing for a game, that's something I can improve on. That's something that I know that I can improve on. I think Josh was a complete quarterback. It's hard to compare to Josh Heupel. He was a great quarterback here and if you look at the record books he's all over the place. He also led the team to a national championship, and that's one thing we're trying to get done this year."

On how often he talks to Heupel during a game
"Every time I come off the field. I ask him questions and he helps me out. He was there a couple years ago and he knows what's going on. He helps me out a bunch. Every now and then I stop by his office and ask him certain things. He's been a big help so far and he continues to help out each game. I was excited about having him."

On OU's receiver corp making plays
"Every one of the receivers make plays and they all have the ability to make the big-time plays. It's great for a quarterback to have that potential. They're so deep they get plenty of rest and they can rotate in and out. And the tight ends catch the ball too, so you've got a bunch of guys you can throw to and you've got confidence in all of them."

On if it is ever pre-determined in OU's offense to throw to a receiver before snapping the ball
"I walk to the line and whoever is in there I know they're going to run a crisp route and catch the ball. I just walk to the line and whoever is open I'm throwing it to. I've got confidence in every one of them and that confidence just continues to build."

On if he's confident throwing the ball to Tommie Harris
"Definitely. Hey, he caught a couple in practice. He catches just like anybody else."

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