RECRUITING: Unstoppable DE could visit Norman

San Jose, Calif. defensive end Jeff Schweiger talks about his high school season and his interest in OU.


JH: How is your season going?

JW: "Our team is 3-0. Our defense is playing well, we just have a young offensive line and that is keeping us back a little bit."

JH: How about you individually?

JW: "I am doing pretty well. One of the games I had a pulled MCL and I only played half the game. We ended up winning the game 49-0. The first game I had 14 tackles and three sacks. The last game I had 12 tackles and three sacks. They ran an option my way the last game and I caused a fumble and recovered it."

JH: Are you just playing on defense?

JW: "I am playing only defensive end right now, but I will probably plays some fullback or tight end in the playoffs. I will probably just play fullback in the playoffs, because we will just run right at people."

JH: You have received a lot of publicity nationally, so have teams played you differently this year?

JW: "Every year I improve a lot. When I was a freshman I weighed 165 pounds and then my sophomore year I played at 185. Heading my junior year I played at 222 pounds and then after that I went to the NIKE camp and ran a 4.5, and now everybody seems to know everything about me. Teams double team me, chop me or go high/low against me. None of that stuff works, but they try it. When other teams talk about our team they talk about how to stop me, which wasn't the case last year. I really think why I am getting all this attention is because of what I accomplished at the NIKE camp this past summer."

JH: How did your visit to Michigan go?

JW: "I was a good visit. I like it a lot. I liked all the fans and thought they were sweet. One of my favorite parts was talking to Coach (Lloyd) Carr and I had a chance to meet a number of the players. I liked their strength and conditioning coach and where they work out. They have a good plan to make people better and that is important to me."

JH: Who else do you plan to visit?

JW: "I am not really sure. I still want to visit Oklahoma and USC for sure. Outside of that I really don't know. I have been talking to Miami lately and I might visit there. I don't have anything else set up at this time."

JH: What are you thoughts on the Sooners?

JW: "Oklahoma is a good school and their coaches seem really interested in me. They call me every time they can. They play awesome defense and I think they are the best team in the country. I really like them a whole lot."

JH: Do you have any favorites?

JW: "Not really, but I think my three favorites are USC, Oklahoma and Miami in no particular order."

JH: You always seem to have something interesting going on in your life, so is anything going on outside of football?

JW: "At my school I was named the most likely to succeed. They usually give that to the real smart kid, you know the guy who scored 1600 on his SAT. They named me that person and I think that shocked some people. It is a really good honor and I already know I am going to be a success in football unless I get injured, and I think it is cool to get that award from my peers.

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