Rhett Bomar Diary: Accounts for seven TDs in win

Grand Prairie quarterback Rhett Bomar talks about routing Carrollton R.L. Turner, calling Adrian Peterson and Brent Rawls' decision to transfer in the seventh installment of his exclusive OUInsider.com diary.

Before Friday's game against Carrollton R.L. Turner, I knew we'd need a big game to win my school's second district opener in 12 years. But I truly had no idea that I'd be part of seven straight touchdowns to open the game and we'd beat them 49-17.

What an unbelievable game and an amazing way to bounce back from our first loss vs. North Mesquite last week. Don't get me wrong, I thought we had a good chance to beat Carrollton R.L. Turner, which hasn't won a game this season, but this is really big, because they played us tough last year when we lost 14-12 in the game's final seconds.

Anytime your team scores touchdowns on its first seven possessions, you're obviously playing well, but we were really hitting on all cylinders Friday night. Hopefully, that'll carry over to this Friday's game vs. our rival South Grand Prairie at 7:30 p.m.

Anyway, I'm really not sure how we beat Carrollton R.L. Turner like we did, but they did blitz me on nearly every play and we picked it up pretty well, because we were physical and able to run the ball on them early. That slowed down the pressure a little and allowed me to make some good throws.

Overall, I finished with 205 yards and four touchdowns on 12-of-17 passing. I also had 70 yards rushing and three touchdowns on eight carries, which included my favorite play of the night, my first score that went for 38 yards. On that play, which was originally supposed to be a pass, Carrollton R.L. Turner's defense kind of covered it up and my receiver couldn't get open, so I just scrambled to the right and took it all the way.

Besides coming out of the game midway though the fourth quarter, which is always nice, because that usually means you're well ahead, Coach Long was in attendance on Friday, but we couldn't talk to each other. That didn't matter anyway, because I never look up in the stands, especially when I've got a football game to win. Still, it was cool playing in front of him. I'm really glad he was there.

After the game, I was pretty tired, so I went straight home and slept. On Saturday, I got up about 9 a.m., went to my high school to lift weights and watch film, then came home to watch the Pittsburgh-Texas A&M game. I really wasn't surprised Texas A&M lost, because they've made a lot of mistakes in their last two games. I don't think they'll be much of a factor in the Big 12 this year and maybe in a couple years they'll be pretty good, but not this year.

That night, my girlfriend, Christy, who was home for the weekend from OU, and I went to a haunted house in Fort Worth with some friends. It was all right, but it wasn't worth the $20 I paid to get in. After that, we just all hung out and chilled for a while.

By the way, I tried to call Adrian Peterson a couple of times on Wednesday and Thursday, but that dude never answers the phone. On Wednesday, someone answered the phone and told me to call back on Thursday around 7 p.m., but I couldn't call then, because I had a team meeting. So after the meeting, I tried to call him about 8 p.m., but the phone just rang and rang with no answer. Trust me, I'm not taking it personally, because I'm sure he's getting a ton of calls, so I know exactly how he feels. I'm sure me calling him doesn't matter much, but I'm going to try and get a hold of him again this week.

Other then Coach Long and Coach Venables, no other schools called me this week. At school, this week was the end of my first six weeks of class. I have a 93 percent in Government and an A in Physics as well. I'm happy with those grades, because I want to get A's in everything. I really don't like getting anything lower than an A.

I'm still not sure about my plans for OU-Texas or when I'll be in Norman again, but I do know this, OU should handle Iowa State pretty easily this weekend. They lost to Northern Illinois on Saturday, so I can't even imagine what Oklahoma is going to do to them.

As for this Friday, playing South Grand Prairie is a bigger game than usual, because they're 4-0 and we're 3-1. I've never lost to them, but they're a very good team and they've got a lot of speed, so it should be a really tough game. To beat them, we're going to have to play really well. I'll let you know if I'm still undefeated next week, but in the meantime, keep those questions coming.


I plan on coming to your game on Friday, Oct. 10, the night before the OU-Texas game. That being said, where's the best place to eat in Grand Prairie? Also, what team are you playing that game and how good are they?
Vanoss, Okla.

Rhett: "Because we're in the Metroplex, there's a lot of good restaurants, but my favorite place to eat is the On the Border (Mexican Grill and Cantina), 2011 Copeland Road, by Six Flags in Arlington. Order the combination fajitas, they're awesome. As for the game, we play Irving High. They 're really good and they've got a great defense. It should be another big test for us."

What's your reaction to Brent Rawls' decision to leave Oklahoma and transfer to Louisiana Tech? How much do you think that will affect your playing time at OU?
Beaumont, Texas

Rhett: "It doesn't affect me much, because he's older, so I really don't worry about that. I guess that means there's one less guy for me to beat out, but that guy didn't look like he was going to get to play at OU, so it was probably in his best interests to leave. I actually think it was a smart move for him."

Obviously, you want to be playing on Sundays someday, but what other line of work or occupation would like to pursue after college and football?
Oklahoma City, Okla.

Rhett: "I have no clue, but probably something related to sports. My goal is to play in the NFL, but maybe after that I could be a color analyst like all those other ex-football players."

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