RECRUITING: Big-time FB talks about trip to Norman

Conway, Ark. fullback Peyton Hillis talks about his unofficial visit to Norman and his interest in the Sooners.


JH: How is your season going?

PH: "We have played four games and we are 3-1 on the year. We lost to Little Rock Central 2-19. have rushed for 1,067 yards on 83 carries and 14 touchdowns."

JH: The last time we talked you pointed out to me that teams were putting eight and nine men in the box to stop you, yet you are having a great season. How are you doing it?

PH: "As long as I get past the line of scrimmage I don't care how many guys they have in the box. Once I get past the line of scrimmage I can take care of things myself."

JH: Do you think about recruiting much?

PH: "I guess it is in the back of my mind. Right now I am trying to concentrate on schoolwork and my senior season, but on weekend's I think about recruiting some."

JH: What games have you been to unofficially?

PH: "I have been to Tennessee/Marshall and Oklahoma/UCLA."

JH: What did you think of the OU/UCLA game?

PH: "The OU game was a great game and I was able to watch Antonio Perkins set an NCAA punt return record. Overall, OU is a great program and there is nothing that I didn't like about it."

JH: Are you leaning to anybody at this time?

PH: "Right now everything is pretty steady. I am not leaning to anybody, and I am just trying to take everything in so that I can make a decision where I want to go. I am still looking at Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, Tennessee and Alabama."

JH: Arkansas is having a great year, but does that have anything to do with your decision on where you will go to school?

PH: "No, sir. That doesn't enter into anything. I am just trying to keep everything on a even keel right."

JH: Does the success of any team have a impact on where you will go?

PH: No, sir. I am looking more for good coaching, a winning tradition and for the opportunity to play early."

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