Brown: "OU is going to be at the top of my list"

Georgia cornerback Ramarcus Brown has OU among five impressive favorites.


JH: How is your season going?

RB: "We have played four games and we are 2-1-1 on the year. We don't have an overtime system in any of our region games. In the region we have an overtime system, because they don't want to any ties in that area."

JH: Are you still going both ways?

RB: "I am still playing running back and corner. On offense, the first game I got off slow, but in the second game I had 208 yards and one touchdown. I would have 297 yards rushing, but penalties nullified a bunch of yards. In the third game I rushed 103 yards and three touchdowns on just 12 carries. Last week I had 159 yards and three touchdown on nine carries. I would get more carries but my partner, Tristen Davis, is also getting over 100 yards per game. I also have been playing with a sprained ankle since the second game so that has limited my carries some. On defense I have one interception, broke up two passes and they only threw to my side eight times. Teams won't throw to my side so it is hard for me to have a great defensive game defensively, because they never throw my way. My best stat I guess is that I have not had a pass caught against me all year. Also, I have not had a team kick to me on kickoffs yet this year."

JH: Are you getting tired of never getting challenged on defense?

RB: "Yeah, it is kind of frustrating because on our defensive side of the ball we get honors off a point system. In the first two weeks I was up there, but since then our linebackers are running off with the point totals. So, I told my coach there was no way that I could get up in that point totals and he just laughed. I am currently fourth on that list, but my coach feels that I will get challenged in the future. This is my first year to play defense and it is fun, but I wish they would challenge me more. I guess they are showing me respect by not challenging me, but still I wish they that I could get involved more."

JH: What games have you been to unofficially?

RB: "I have been to games the last three weeks. The first week I went to Auburn/USC, then I went to Alabama/Oklahoma and then Georgia/South Carolina. I am supposed to go to Auburn/Tennessee or Georgia/Alabama, but I am not sure if I am going to or not."

JH: How is recruiting going at the moment?

RB: "Actually it is going pretty great. Coaches are not calling me to much and things have been going pretty good. My top schools are Oklahoma, Florida, Florida State, Georgia and Auburn."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

RB: "I really don't know too much about the atmosphere at Oklahoma, but I just love how they play football. I know as a college they have a number of majors to choice from so academically OU is going to be fine. I really like their coaching staff and how OU plays the game. Their coaching staff cares about their players and they are doing a great job of improving their football team. OU doesn't have any negatives right now. I am pretty open right now and I don't know where I am going, but OU is going to be at the top of my list to consider."

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