RECRUITING: Another 'Q' headed to Norman

Tulsa Washington wide receiver Quentin Chaney talks about his commitment to Oklahoma.


JH: I have heard some rumblings that you are close to making a decision, is that true?

QC: "I committed to Oklahoma today. I just did that a few minutes ago to Coach (Jackie) Shipp. I also told Coach (Bob) Stoops and Coach (Darrell) Wyatt."

JH: That is great news and great timing on my part. For the longest time it appeared that you were going to go through the recruiting process, so what changed your mind at this time to jump on Oklahoma's offer?

QC: "I have been up and down with my shoulder, so I felt if I went ahead a committed now that if my shoulder needed surgery or something I would still have a scholarship secured. I have always liked OU the best, but always felt I needed to look around a little bit. I talked it over with my parents last night and we decided that OU had everything that we were looking for. This also allows me to concentrate on my academics and finish strong in that area."

JH: What is wrong with your shoulder?

QC: "I have loose ligaments in it. I plan on playing the rest of this season in football and basketball and then have surgery on it. I talked to my doctor about it and he said that if I wanted to make sure that I had no problem with my shoulder in the future that I needed to go ahead and have surgery to totally correct the problem. This means that I won't have it until in April or May, and I would start rehab right away. I will redshirt my first year at OU, which is what I probably would have done anyway. Plus, I will get a chance to rehab my shoulder with Coach Jerry Schmidt, and he is the best in the country as a strength and conditioning coach."

JH: Has the shoulder hurt your ability to play?

QC: "I have full range of motion, but there are certain movements that I make with it that allows it to dislocate. Sometimes it will pop it back in by itself and then sometimes I have to move it around a little and it will pop back in."

JH: How do you feel you will fit in with the Sooner wide receiver corp in the future?

QC: "I feel I will fit in real well in the future, because they throw the ball downfield and that is perfect for me. Coach Wyatt told me with my size that I will get a lot of mismatches with shorter corners and that will be a big advantage against most corners."

JH: How is your season going?

QC: "We are undefeated and 4-0 right now. I am not sure how many total catches that I have, but I caught two balls in the last game and I have three touchdowns on the year."

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