Recruiting: San Diego LB headed to Norman

California LB Scott White headed to Norman, but he's not coming alone


"I am just getting ready for my trip this weekend. I am coming in with my teammate Marcus Smith, who is not really a household name, but he can kick some butt. He gets overshadowed by me to tell you the truth. He is the real deal, he really is. Marcus is about 6-5, 215 and runs the forty in the 4.6 to 4.7 range. Marcus runs with long strides and he has great, long arms. Right now the high school offensive linemen can only reach him because of his long arms."

"I play linebacker and Marcus plays defensive end. Usually Marcus plays with me at linebacker. We have started the last four years together, but we have so many injuries in the defensive line that he has to play defensive end. He is just dominating the game at defensive end, because teams can't get their hands on him."

"OU just got in on Marcus on Tuesday. I was coming on the trip by myself, but they saw film of Marcus and offered him a visit. They have not offered him a scholarship yet, but they liked him enough on film to want him to come in for the visits. I think Marcus will be a dominating player on the next level and once OU sees enough film on him I am sure they will offer him. I think Marcus would carry 260 pounds easily and keep his speed. USC has been his favorite school up to this point and I believe they have offered him. However, this trip will give Marcus something to compare USC to, which I think will work out in OU's advantage."

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