Introducing "OU Insider STATS"

Today we introduce a new site feature "OU Insider Stats." The STATS this week focus on the OU K-State game. Every statisitc you can imagine is listed here as it relates to the teams and the recent series. To access this feature, just click "Insider Stats" under "Football" in the crimson navigation panel on the left front page.

Brian Bishop, publisher of OU Insider, said that the new feature is one of several that will be added in the next month. "Our goal is simply to bring more information to the members of OU Insider, so that they can enjoy the hobby of following Sooner sports to a greater degree. James Hale, Joe Wallace and Alan Hitchcock work every day to make this a reality, and after being 'live' only one month, we've already become the number one Sooner site with players, coaches and fans."

When asked about the overall experience of joining a nationwide network as opposed to remaining an independant site, Bishop said: "There are positive and negative aspects of belonging to a network. It's true that we give up some of our autonomy, and that's probably the only negative. However our affiliation with the Insiders group at Citadel has allowed us to hook up with AP, CNN / SI and now this comprehensive statistical analysis feature. And we will not stop here. It's absolutely amazing what Jim Heckman and the former Rivals 100 staff have planned for all of us. It's going to be a terrific experience for us and all of our members."

OU Insider STATS will be updated each week this fall and may be available for basketball season as well. "That's quite a bit more work involved as teams play almost every day of the week. Logistically and from a 'real-time' standpoint it's a nightmare, but our staff in Seattle is working on it, and if it can be done, it will be done," Bishop said.

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