RECRUITING: Does OU still lead for Peterson?

Palestine, Texas running back Adrian Peterson talks about his visit to UCLA and his interest in OU.


JH: How did your visit to UCLA go?

AD: "It went real good. I had a good time and everything was real positive."

JH: It sounds like you had a great visit?

AD: "Yes sir, it sure was. They showed me around campus and I certainly won't forget Monica, who showed me around. She was fine and she was great. They showed me all around the campus and showed me all of the football facilities. I really had a lot of fun and I wish I could take another visit there, because if I could I sure would. I just had that much fun."

JH: What about their football program?

AD: "I saw a good group of guys and they are a good program. I got to hang out with the guys and get to know them a little bit. They seem to be a good group of guys, and their coaching staff is outstanding. I think they are only going to get better. I think they are going to be a program that is outstanding in the future. I really liked my visit there and I am going to think about my decision and think real hard about going to UCLA."

JH: How did your visit to UCLA impact your thoughts on recruiting?

AD: "UCLA has moved up very high on my list. I am still going to think through everything, but I might speed up my process."

JH: How would you list the schools that you are still considering?

AD: "I would say that UCLA and Oklahoma are up there together. Then you have Texas, Texas A&M and Miami. It is getting harder for me to make a decision as I get more information."

JH: Do you have any other official visits set?

AD: "No, sir. I will be at the OU/Texas game this Saturday for an unofficial visit."

JH: Did you play this week?

AD: "We had an open week. My shoulder is coming along great and I will be able to play this Friday."

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