Brown says OU is nation's most dominant team

Texas Head Coach Mack Brown talked about Oklahoma and this weekend's Red River Shoout at his weekly press conference Monday in Austin. Brown, pictured left, argues with an official during the Sooners' 35-24 win over the Longhorns last season at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

Below is a list of quotes from Texas Head Coach Mack Brown's weekl press conference and teleconference held Monday in Austin. Courtesy of

On Oklahoma
"This is probably the best Oklahoma team I've seen during my time here. They are number one in the country and it looks like they are the most dominant team in the country. They have great players, are well-coached and are playing with great confidence. Jason White is playing as well as any quarterback in the country, and he is being protected well. This is one of the best games in college football, so this will be a fun and exciting week for us. Oklahoma poses a great challenge for us, but this will be an opportunity for us to play and work to beat the best team in the country."

On what needs to be done differently against Oklahoma this year
"We've had great games against Oklahoma the past couple of years and it has always come down to the fourth quarter. They made the plays that we didn't, so we just need to play hard and play well against the best team in the country. We need try to get it into the fourth quarter and make the plays that we need to."

On concerns about Oklahoma's defense
"They have no weaknesses on their defense. They have recruited so well that they were able to replace guys that were lost from last season. They are two-deep and play a lot of guys like Lynn McGruder who is one of the best defensive tackles in the country and he is not even a starter. They have a great secondary. Brandon Everage is one of the best tacklers we've seen and Derrick Strait is also really good. Teddy Lehman is a super linebacker. He and Derrick Johnson are probably two of the best number 11's in the country. No one has moved the ball consistently against Oklahoma and no one has scored on them when the game mattered. This is the best defense I've seen."

On Jason White
"He deserves a lot of credit because I'm sure not many people thought he would play again. The disappointment and rehabilitation of knee surgery is very difficult. Then, for him to return and play as well as he has been is a great tribute to his effort and progress as a quarterback. He is beating people with his mind and his arm. He's throwing the ball as well as anybody in the country."

On Oklahoma stopping the run
"No one has run well against Oklahoma. You have to be balanced in a game like this because you can't protect well enough against them to throw every time and you can't line up and just run it because they are going to have a lot of guys around the ball. They just play really great defense."

On what Tommie Harris means to Oklahoma's defensive line
"Oklahoma's defense is the best in the country. They have great players and are well coached. When you have a guy that can dominate in the middle like Tommy can, it makes it hard on an offensive staff to think about doing things without thinking about him first. He makes you think about double-teaming him because he is that good, but then that affects every thing else you do."

On how Oklahoma's running game looks without the numbers of Quentin Griffin?
"They are running the ball really well, but also making a lot of yards on short passes. Their receivers are also making a lot of yards after the catch so we have to tackle really well against these guys. Their talent is a good as anyone's in the country."

On the seniors' feelings of this game
"Our guys have great pride. Anytime you've lost a game three years in a row, it really bothers you. This game is really important to the Texas fans, so it's not something we're proud of. We are going to play as hard as we can to try to fix it."

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