Two Minute Drill: Bob Stoops on Texas

OU Head Coach Bob Stoops talked about UT's quarterback tandem and other Red River Showdown topics after Monday's practice.

NORMAN, Okla. — Bob Stoops goes into another Cotton Bowl battle with Texas seemingly anxious to play. Coach Stoops seems to enjoy the atmosphere that surrounds the battle between the Sooners and Longhorns and seems to have fun with it. Coach Stoops talked with after practice Monday about this weekend's matchup for another segment of our Two Minute Drill.

JH: Is there a different feel to this week with Texas coming up on Saturday?

BS: "Yeah, I guess. There are more of you people (media) around and more people focused on it. We recognize the game for what it is and our players are excited about it. You can tell the players have a little extra step to them today. For the last four years it has been either us or Texas in the Big 12 Championship game since we have been here. We feel fortunate that we have two of those Big 12 Championships, but in the end it has been one of us that has represented the South in that game. So, we recognize that this is a big game."

JH: Why is it that the Sooners always seem to match-up so well with Texas?

BS: "I think it is pretty obvious. It is because of our talent, our skill, our ability and our ability to run with everything else. I feel we are as talented as any team in the country."

JH: Do your past victories over Texas give you more confidence going into this year's game?

BS: "No, what gives us confidence going into this year's game is how we are playing this year. The last several years have nothing to do with this game. What has a lot to do with it is how we are playing right now, which is probably at the best level that we have played at since we have been here. Hopefully we can continue that."

JH: What different elements to the game do quarterbacks Chance Mock and Vincent Young bring to Texas' offense?

BS: "I think the different element that Chance Mock and Vincent Young bring to the game is the quarterback run game. There seems to be less focus on the tailback run game and more on quarterback runs, like draws and quarterback run plays. Texas runs both Chance Mock and Vincent Young when they are in the game, so those are some things that we will definitely work on."

JH: Does either quarterback for Texas bring a chance of pace to the game?

BS: "I don't know if their pace is any different. They break the huddle and come to the line of scrimmage the same way. They do have some different plays in the quarterback run game for each quarterback and the quarterback run game is more prevalent when Vincent Young is in the game."

JH: Since OU and Texas compete against each other so much on the recruiting trail, can the outcome of this game influence the decision of a recruit?

BS: "I don't know. To be honest, I doubt it has that much of an influence all that much. In the end I don't know if the outcome matters a whole lot as to where a recruit is going to school."

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