White ready for UT

OU senior quarterback Jason White talks about Saturday's matchup with Texas.

NORMAN, Okla. — Jason White broke onto the college football scene for the first time two year's ago against Texas in Dallas. That was White's first major dose of action, and he took advantage of it leading the OU offense on its only scoring drive of the game in their 14-3 win over the Longhorns. Until this season, that moment would prove to be the the highlight of his career. But after two knee surgeries over the last two years White is back, and the senior from Tuttle is ready to return to the stage that made him a star at Oklahoma.

The following is a transcript of Jason White's press conference with the media Tuesday in Norman.

On if he's a completely different quarterback than he was in the 2001 game against Texas
"I think I've come a long way since that game. One of the areas I've improved on is my reads and the quickness of my reads. Other than that, I think I'm the same guy that I was on 2001."

On coming off the bench and leading OU's only scoring drive of the day in their 14-3 win over Texas
"Nate (Hybl) started that drive, and he drove quite a ways down the field before I came in. The only thing I can really remember is I checked the play at the on the goal line and changed it to option. The coaches always stress about the No. 2 quarterback being ready to play. I knew my check, and luckily I did."

On the respect between OU and Texas
"I think there's a lot of respect between the two schools. I think it's more the competition level between the two schools that is what makes it a great game. Not only the atmosphere that it's in, but the competition between the two schools and the tradition the football teams just makes it a big game."

On the atmosphere of the Cotton Bowl
"It's one of the best atmospheres to play in. You walk in and half the stadium is orange and half the stadium is red. It's awesome. Both teams are coming down the same tunnel yelling at each other. Their fans are yelling at you. It creates a lot of excitement."

On Texas' defense
"They're great athletes, especially in back end. The linebackers and DB's, they're all great athletes. They run a lot of man, and that just shows that they're great athletes. They're probably the best athletes we've faced so far."

On if OU's confidence comes from beating Texas the last three year's or the way they're playing now
"I think it's the way we're playing now. The last three years, those are different years with different players. We don't have confidence from that. The way we prepare to play gives us confidence too. If we know we're ready to play we're going to have extremely high confidence."

On if Texas' secondary has been tested this season
"Yeah...a lot of teams threw the ball. Arkansas threw the ball a lot. Tulane threw it. K-State threw a little bit. They've been tested just as much as anybody, so it's going to be a good challenge for our offense."

On if he learned anything about Texas' defense after watching Arkansas quarterback Matt Jones
"I just picked up a lot on coverages. But they run a lot of routes that we don't run."

On his preparation the week of a big game
"I think I prepare for every game the same. I go through a routine every day. We have meetings and then we practice. After meetings me and Paul watch film together. We watch a certain set of things on certain days. We do that every week, it's not like we're putting in more time this week. You want to get in the routine of preparing the same every week, and that's what we're doing this week."

On Coach Stoops' record in big games
"I think Coach Stoops and his staff just get us ready to play. Just being ready to play, everyone has great confidence in each other knowing that everybody is ready to play. That's huge in a big game, just knowing you're ready to play."

On if he would have came to OU if Stoops wasn't at OU
"Until Coach Stoops came they didn't really recruit me."

On if he would have been a Sooner if Stoops didn't take the OU job

On coming to OU to play for Stoops
"He showed a big impression on me when came to my hometown. That really showed a lot. I really liked the staff that he was bringing in and I liked the offense they were running. Coach Leach was here at the time, and now his quarterback is throwing for 600 yards a game. It was just impressive the things he was bringing to the table and I thought it was a great opportunity."

On if the seniors talk about getting the chance to be able to say they've never lost to Texas "Not really. You just take it one game at a time. The past three years are gone. It's in history. Right now we're just concentrating on winning this game, and then we can talk about it."

On if OU has a mental edge after beating Texas the last three years
"No. Like I said earlier, the last three games don't play a part in this game. We've got different players. They've got different players. I don't think the last three year's play any part in this game."

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