Brown confident OU will get the job done in Big D

Oklahoma junior offensive tackle Jammal Brown hasn't allowed a sack yet this season. The Lawton native talks about this weekend's showdown with Texas in the latest installment of the Two Minute Drill.

NORMAN, Okla. — Junior offensive tackle Jammal Brown is playing his way into All-American status. Thus far through five games, he has not given up a sack and he has graded out the best among the OU offensive linemen.

The former defensive tackle has only played offensive line for two years, and yet he is still playing at a tremendously high level. And so much so that he is considering leaving for the pro draft after this year.

Earlier in the week Brown, who hasn't allowed a sack all season, sat down with for the latest segment of our two minute drill.

JH: Jammal, OU has won three straight games against Texas. What is the main reason for success? Is it because OU is a much more aggressive and physical team?

JB: "Yeah, we are real aggressive and that is what we want to come off as. We want to come off on the offensive line and hit you in the face, and our defense wants to do everything they can to get to the quarterback. They will blitz on first down and then we run the ball on third and five. Those things let you know that we are aggressive and that is the statement that we want to put out in the Cotton Bowl."

JH: Bob Stoops says this is the best team he's had through five games. What do you think of that statement and are you playing as well as you can play?

JB: "I don't think so, because there are still a lot of things that we need to get better at. We are playing good, don't get me wrong. However, there are blocks that the offensive line still have to get and we still have to communicate better. Hopefully this week we can get some of that stuff touched up before we go into Dallas and play."

JH: I realize you can play better, but isn't this the best that you have ever played?

JB: "Oh yeah, I am having a great year. But I am also hard on myself, so I find little things that I need to get better at. That is what the players that want to be great do. They find things that they do wrong and they go out and correct them. I want to be a great player and one way to get to that status is become really good on the things that currently I am not very good at."

JH: Before the year you told me that you wanted to become a better run blocker. Have you accomplished that?

JB: "I think I have got better. I have learned to block with a base, because coming over from defense everything was about speed, while on offense you have to play with a good base and under more control. That is what I am trying to work to and to play with my hands inside, with a good base and using my feet. I think I have gotten a lot better as a run blocker, but there is still a long ways for me to go."

JH: How does Jason White approach big games?

JB: "He is always the same and that is what is great about him. He is so calm on gameday that if you didn't know it was gameday, you sure wouldn't know he was going through gameday. Jason never looks nervous and you couldn't tell Monday from Saturday. I think that he is real focused and that just keeps him calmed. He just goes out and does what he has to do to be a gameday player."

JH: So what you're saying is he is just as calm for the North Texas game as for the Texas game?

JB: "He has no difference between the two, because he knows what he has to do to get ready to play for us to win. He already has that in mind and already knows how he is going to go out and done it. So, the opponent doesn't matter."

JH: What about the Texas defense who you will play on Saturday?

JB: "They have two outstanding inside guys in Marcus Tubbs and sophomore Roderick Wright, who are big guys that are very physical. That is what sticks out to me about them, is that they are very physical in their front seven. Of course, they have great athletes in the secondary, but what I have noticed is that the two tackles are pretty good and they are big, strong and fast. So, we are going to have to come off the ball and hit them in the mouth. That looks like the strength of their defense and they look like in they are in pretty good shape. We are looking forward to playing them. and we are in better shape in our opinion. And we are always confident that we will get the job done."

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