RECRUITING: Peterson talks about OU-UT caught up with the nation's top running back on Sunday to get his thoughts on Saturday's OU-Texas game.


JH: What did you think of the OU/Texas game?

AD: "I had fun, but the game really wasn't a game because the game was a blowout. The atmosphere was tight, because one half is full of crimson and one half of full of orange and the fans are so into the game. I have been to the state fair a couple of time, but I still thought that added to the game quite a bit."

JH: Does the score of the game and the fact OU has beaten Texas four straight times influence your decision on either program?

AD: "I think Oklahoma's program is great and going to continue to be great. OU returns most of their starters on offense and defense, and considering how good they are going to be this year, you just know they will be just as good next year. I really don't know what to say about Texas. They should be at least close to Oklahoma, but it doesn't appear to be that way, so I don't know what is going on with them."

JH: Does the fact that OU is once again a major contender for the National Championship and they are one of the few teams that can honestly say that?

AD: "It does have a lot to do with it. One of my goals is to play for a National Championship and you know that Oklahoma is going to be playing for the National Championship the next several years. I realize that I can go to any school and make them a good offense, but I need to go to a program that is going to be good on defense as well. I was looking at the Insider network and I noticed that OU has recruited so good on defense the last couple of years that they are going to have All-American defensive players for the next five years. That is what really impresses me the most about OU is that they are recruiting a complete team, and a great team on defense as well."

JH: Is OU still your leader at the moment?

AD: "Yes, sir. OU is absolutely my leader. I still think I am going to wait until my football season is over then I will make my decision. I really don't want to stress out with this stuff right now and I just to concentrate on football for the next couple of months. OU is far ahead from the pack right now, but I am still considering Texas, Texas, UCLA and Miami."

TE: If you had to make a decision today would you choose OU?

AP: "They've always been my favorite."

TE: Are you close to making a commitment?

AP: "I might have already made my decision where I'm going to go," said Peterson. "In (fact), I'm probably 90 percent sure (about my decision)."

JH: Did your team win on Friday?

AD: "We lost to Jacksonville 24-20. We lost the game at the end and it was tough to lose, but it is our first lose in district and we are going to be alright. I finished with 198 yards rushing and one touchdown."

TE: Anything words for's members?

AP: "(You'd better) keep your eyes on me."

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