RECRUITING: DT liked what he saw in 'Big D'

Dallas, Texas defensive lineman Franklin Okam talked about his first time in Dallas to watch OU-Texas.


JH: Did you go to the OU-Texas game?

FO: "I went to the game not rooting for either team, so I just went wanting to watch how each defensive line played. Looking at Texas, I thought they did some good things, but they busted in a few spots and that hurt them. Also, they didn't always get a great deal of support outside or from the linebackers, so things looked worse for them than it really was. OU had Tommie Harris just playing great and he really disrupts a lot of things an offense is doing and he sets things up for the rest of their defense. Big Dusty (Dvoracek) is doing the same thing at the other tackle, and OU just dominated the line of scrimmage. OU's defensive tackles play very well and they are very good."

JH: Have you ever been to an OU-Texas game before?

FO: "No. That was the first time."

JH: What did you think of the atmosphere surrounding the game?

FO: "That was one of the best college atmospheres for a football game that I have ever seen. Being a recruited player, it is that the kind of atmosphere that you really want to play in."

JH: Did the support for either team or the lopsided score of the game influence your decision at all about either team?

FO: "The atmosphere I guess helped both schools because both schools benefit from it and both get to use it. Both teams' fans are just crazy supporting their team and jawing back and forth at one another. I think the game itself certainly is something that myself and many other recruits would like to play in and both teams have that opportunity. The score itself I guess might have a little to do with my decision, if it came down to OU or Texas. The game actually went as I expected, because I thought OU would win the game. But I didn't think they would win by that big of a margin, so I guess you could say that it helped OU a little bit."

JH: How is recruiting going at the moment?

FO: "My recruiting is shaping up a little slower than some because I want to make sure that I make the right decision. I think one thing that I have decided is to look in the Big 12 region more than an outside, which is a little different than early in my recruiting. Right now I like Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas A&M, Miami, Iowa, Notre Dame and Stanford. But again, I think I am going to stay inside the Big 12. I don't have a favorite yet among those schools. I have set one visit to Oklahoma on December 19th and that is the first visit that I have set."

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