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Bob Stoops, Mike Stoops and Mark Mangino talk about the good and bad from Saturday's 38-37 win over Kansas State

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops on the performance after viewing the game film on Sunday
I still feel the same way I felt last night. I still feel very good about a very good win. As I knew going into the game and certainly after, I have a great deal of respect for the play of Kansas State. I feel fortunate to be in a position that in the last 12 games that we have been in three very good football games with them and won. That says a lot for our program. I am proud of our players who controlled the game throughout. We led the entire game and to be up 11 points with two and a-half minutes to go in the game is certainly better than being down by 11. There were a lot of positives in the game.

Stoops on Nate Hybl
Offensively, Nate's (Hybl) emergence and toughness to sit in there and take shots, and throw some wonderful balls to convert some big plays that we knew that we needed to hit was big. I thought he was very good that way. The downside, he gave up a couple of interceptions, one in particular that shouldn't have happened. They made a good play, but he should have never thrown the ball. There was some give and take there, which happens in good games. We have to be better at protecting the football in some cases.

Stoops on special teams play
I thought we played excellent, which I knew we would have to, to win this game. Both programs look at each other as a couple of the best special team groups in the league. That is always a factor and we took Aaron Lockett out of all of his returns, which was a big part in that game. Our kickoff and punt cover units were great. That was a big factor in field position, which we felt we needed to win. We also scored on our special teams with the fake punt.

Stoops on the defense
On defense, we also had some give and take. Obviously, we scored the first touchdown of the game, where we strip the quarterback and take it in for a score. That was the fourth touchdown that we've got on defense in our first four games. We forced nine punts, and any time you force nine punts you are going to have an opportunity to win. The downside, we gave up some big plays, which is very obvious to everybody. The last one in particular was disturbing to us. Again, some give and take between the two teams.

When two top ten teams are playing there is going to be some give and take between the teams. They also have good players who play hard and play well. They execute plays as well. Actually, this game was very similar to those we played last year. Last year in Manhattan we went up ten points with about two minutes to go in the game. We stop them from scoring right at the end of the game. In the Big 12 Championship game we get up 10 points in the last two minutes of the game and they scored with ten seconds remaining in the game.

Yesterday, they went down and got a big play a little earlier and made it more interesting. However, we did what we needed to do to win.
I want our players to realize how special that is. You don't see a lot of people beating them and nor will you. To have done it again here at home is very good and special. I believe the last four times they had come to our stadium they had beaten us. That is good to have turned that around.

Stoops on where the Sooners stand so far this season
This reminds me a little bit of where we were in our fourth game last year. After the Kansas game we were still trying to emerge as a defense and gave up some deep passes to players behind us and everyone said that we all of a sudden couldn't play defense. The same thing is happening today, but I don't believe that is the case. I believe we will learn from our mistakes in the Kansas State game. The same thing with Nate and the pass he through. I would like to think, on the interception, that he wouldn't throw that pass again. There was a lot of give and take, but I feel great about an excellent win.

Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops on the defenses performance against Kansas State
I am disappointed that we didn't respect their vertical passing game more. That is my fault. I thought we had our guys prepared for that, but we just didn't react very well. Our position was again poor on those long balls. The big play at the end was really bad. You can accept some of those plays during the game, but that last play is hard to accept. You work on getting everyone back and then you don't make a play. We didn't show much poise and work hard enough back there to get position on the ball. That is frustrating, but we were able to get away with the win and we were very fortunate with that, and very happy with that. We understand we need to play a lot better and can play a lot better.

Mike Stoops on the defenses poor tackling
Give Kansas State a lot of credit for that. Roberson is a good player and Tank Cartwright is hard to bring down. He is a good, strong runner. With both of those guys we just didn't tackle very well. We played really good at times and then we would look like we had never played defense before. It was kind of frustrating, because on some plays we would play really, really well, but on about eight plays we played poorly. That is what is frustrating about playing Kansas State. They give you so many different things to prepare for and that is their deal. Playing teams like them is frustrating and never very pretty.

Mike Stoops on beating K-State three times in a row
All that matters to me is that we were able to beat them three times in a row. All I hear about it is that we didn't do this or didn't do that, but we sure as hell won three times in a row, and that is all I know. I think that gets overlooked. Shoot, we have beaten them three times and a lot of teams haven't beaten them once. I don't care what we did, but we were in a position to win every single game. We were out in front in every game and we were in control of every game.

People need to realize that they have a good football team and they are going to make plays. They have proven that over the test of time. When people really realize and think about what we have done in beating them three times, then I think they will appreciate this win a little more.

Offensive Coordinator Mark Mangino on true freshman Vince Carter first start at center
Vince did a commendable job and played pretty well, especially in pass protection. He had just a few misreads in pass protection, maybe a handful of misreads, but that is nothing to get alarmed about. In the run game he did a little better than I had anticipated from the sidelines. He did a solid job and I am very pleased with his performance. He is going to be fine.

Mangino on the offensive line's performance as a unit
Pass protection-wise, we did a decent job under tremendous pressure. They had a lot of adjustments to make and they did a petty good job of that. In the run game we were average at best, and below average at times. I accept the responsibility for that. I probably should have done things a little bit differently in the run game with some schemes. Even at times when we did block everybody they had an extra guy. That is why we were able to make some big plays.

Mangino on if Carter will be the starting center when Josh Smith comes back
It is day-to-day with Josh Smith. I am very comfortable with Vince being the center and there is no question about that.

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