RECRUITING: California DE will visit Norman

Hayward, Calif. DE Phillip Mbakogu talks about his high school season and his interest in Oklahoma.


JH: How is your season going?

PM: "It is going good. We are 4-1 on the year. I am playing defensive end and offensive guard. I don't like playing offensive guard that much, but I am doing it for the team. Right now I have had five sacks in the last two games, but I went three games without getting any sacks. Everybody is going to short drops and they aren't trying to throw the ball against us that much."

JH: Are you being recruited as a DE?

PM: "Yeah, I think I am going to be a defensive end."

JH: Because of your reputation are you seeing extra attention from your opponents?

PM: "Yeah, I am getting some double and triple teams. I know that I am not making as many plays as I did last year when I am triple-teamed, but if it free's up my teammates. If they can make plays then I will takes the triple team and play on."

JH: How is recruiting going?

PM: "I have set visits with Oklahoma (Jan), LSU (Dec), KSU (Dec) and Notre Dame this weekend."

JH: What is it you like about Oklahoma?

PM: "They have the number one program in the country. They have a strong football team with great players and strong coaches. I am looking forward to visiting them and see what makes them click."

JH: Are you leaning anywhere right now?

PM: "No, not right now."

JH: What are your thoughts on Notre Dame?

PM: "I am excited and eager to go. They are playing a rivalry game this week against USC and that will be fun to watch in South Bend."

JH: How are you approaching recruiting?

PM: "I am going into it with wide eyes at the moment. Every team that I am visiting has strong traditions and strong programs. They all have good a education base, so I will get a good education at any of the four schools. I am looking for a school where I can feel comfortable and where I can have success and a good time over the next four years.

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