Barnett, Buffs looking foward to shot at No. 1

Colorado Head Coach Gary Barnett talked about Saturday's showdown at his weekly press conference Tuesday in Boulder. (AP Photo/Brett Coomer)

Below are quotes from Colorado Head Coach Gary Barnett's weekly press conference held Tuesday in Norman...

On playing against top-ranked Oklahoma
"The opportunity that comes in here this week is huge. It's a huge opportunity for our team on national television. We're playing a team that, when it's all said and done, may be the best team to play for a while. They're really good at every position. They're good at all phases of the game."

On OU's offense
"They've changed a little bit; they are really more of a pure passing team than they were a year ago. Jason White is running the show and doing a great job. Their receivers are veteran guys that make big plays. They understand the system inside and out. Their offensive line is very athletic."

On how good is this OU team
"This is a team that on both sides of the ball that was recruited after their national championship year, and they're all juniors and they should be right where they are. They recruited well, they're playing well, they're coached well, playing with a great deal of energy and they are a hard working group. There is nothing in any phase of the game that you can criticize anything that they do. They play with class, they play hard, they play fast and they're playing the whole game. Everybody is involved when the ball is thrown or on a run " there is a lot of hats on the ball. They are hitting on all cylinders right now, so we've got to keep looking to see if there is a way to dent them, a way to find an edge somewhere, or a way to get something that we can feed to our kids that would be a confidence builder for them."

On how they'll play Oklahoma
"We need a strategy that will give us a chance in this game to win it. That's going to take all week for us to come up with. By Saturday at 4:00 p.m. we will be close to having as much as we can come up with and that's the way we are looking at it. It's one day at a time and taking a phase here, a phase there and really work on it. If we can just be sound ourselves in all phases of the game, it gives us a chance. Our work this week is to try to be more sound than we have been on defense, more sound on offense and much more sound on special teams."

On the chance to knock off No. 1
"It's a great opportunity and I, for one, am looking forward to it. I know our coaches are (looking forward to it) " that's why you come to Colorado " the chance to play this game and these games. Here it is, it's going to be right here on Folsom Field on national television and it can't get any bigger or better than this. "We're going to go out and try to win the game. Right now it is about winning the game against whomever it is that you are playing."

On the progress of CU's running game
"I think we're getting better, but we won't know that until Saturday. Ideally that is what we are trying to shoot for. As Daniel Jolly gets further along in the offense and as our offensive line continues to develop, I think that will come. It certainly is a goal for us and we want that kind of balance, but I think we're fortunate that we've got a quarterback and some receivers that allows us to get out of it when it isn't working " if we're not able to maintain control of the ball and the clock with the run game, that we're able to get out of it, get right to the passing game and make some plays."

On CU's struggling defense
"Of course the defense's confidence is hurting. We've struggled in fundamental areas and we've guys in position and haven't made tackles. We bring heat and put all the pressure on the corners, and if we don't get there then they get hung out. So of course there are lots of confidence issues with those guys, but they all want to work, they all want to get better and they've all had great attitudes about it. That gives you a chance and that's where we are."

"I don't think that I've ever dealt with a team that has given up as many points as we are giving up. Maybe my first year as a head coach we finished 104th or 105th in (scoring) defense. Without changing a thing, three years later we were the No. 1 team in the country in scoring defense. So by staying with it, just keeping same the same terminology, not giving up and having the same teachers say the same thing, eventually guys catch on."

On the status of running back Bobby Purify
"Bobby was a little bit swollen this morning (ankle/Tuesday) and we are going to see what he can do today (in practice). He won't have any contact, but we'll give him a shot and see how it goes. I'd say at this point that he is questionable (for the Oklahoma game) and maybe doubtful."

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