RECRUITING: Sooners make cut for California DE

San Jose DE Jeff Schweiger says he's down to OU and USC, but do the Sooners really have a shot?


JH: How is your season going?

JS: "We are doing well. We are 4-1, but we are looking to win the rest of our games. We just beat the No. 2 team in our conference 35-0, so we are playing well. I think I am playing pretty well. I don't have my stats on me, but I think I have nine sacks and somewhere around 58 tackles."

JH: Since teams are doing everything to try to block you what are you doing to beat their strategy?

JS: "It is real simple because they play me to the wide side. So if teams want to run away from me then they always have the short side of the field. That is why we did so well last weekend, because our opponent just concentrated on blocking me or trying to run away from me and the rest of our defense had a field day. There coach told me after the game they should have concentrated on the rest of our team and not just me."

JH: How many official visits have you taken at this point?

JS: "I have taken one official visit to Michigan, but I am going to wait until after the season to take the rest. It is just too much to juggle with our football season going on and with all the school work that I have as well."

JH: How is recruiting shaping up for you?

JS: "I think right now my top two are Oklahoma and USC. I just pretty much narrowed it down to those two right now. I have some other schools that I am still talking too, but right now it is down to those two schools."

JH: What is it about OU and USC that seems to set them apart from everybody else?

JS: "I just like the way they both play defense and the warm weather. I like the coaches at both schools and I have heard nothing but great things about both schools. Everybody seems to think both schools are great and the coaches at both schools seem to be real people."

JH: Does USC have an edge with you because you live in California?

JH: "I don't think they do. I will go wherever I feel I can do my best. Watching Oklahoma play gets me pumped up just the same as USC. I love watching both teams on TV. I don't think it is going to be a big deal as far as distance goes to play at Oklahoma."

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