Recruiting: Colorado's best still has OU near top

One of the nation's top defensive end prospects from Colorado sets visit date to OU


JH: How is your season going?

ZL: We are 4-1 on the year and the way we lost is a real bummer. We were ahead the whole game and they score with about two seconds to go to take the lead. Then our kickoff return man almost took it the distance, but he got tackled by the tackler, who happened to stick his hand out there and trip him up. We beat Hinkley 21-8 this past Friday.

JH: How are you playing at this point in the year?

ZL: I don't think my stats are that good, because I only have ten sacks. I don't think that is good for me and I am disappointed in it. I understand 10 sacks is good for some folks, but not for me. My season is kind of hard right now, because it seems all the plays are going away from me. All I seem to do, it seems, is try to run down the plays from behind. I am doing alright on offense at tight end, wide receiver and running back. I actually rotate at all three spots, as I seem to alternate between the three on each series. I have scored ten touchdowns thus far so I am getting touches at all three positions. All of them are working pretty good for me.

JH: How is recruiting going?

ZL: It's going great for me. I go to Oklahoma on October 19 and I am trying to work out dates with UCLA, Miami and two other schools that I am still looking for. UCLA has managed to get into the picture, but they still trail Oklahoma and Miami. OU and Miami are still even. I watched the OU/Kansas State game on TV and what a shootout. I was surprised that Kansas State came back like they did. I thought they were down and out, but they managed to come back. When I watch a game like that it really doesn't make any difference in what I think of that school. I am just watching the game like anybody else. I did watch the defensive ends a little more in that game.

JH: What is your thoughts on Oklahoma at this time?

"I just got off the phone with the defensive end coach at Oklahoma (Bobby Jack Wright). He was saying that OU doesn't have any depth at all at defensive end and I noticed that they didn't substitute much.

JH: As a pass rusher, do you try to pattern yourself after any other player?

ZL: I try to pass rush like Jevon Kearse. The way he pass rushes is really amazing.

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